Monday, December 07, 2015

Special Holiday Offer

Hey folks! For a limited time only - while we celebrate multiple Deities of many religions, I am going to throw in a signed phone doodle for every customer who buys 2 of my large toys of George and Jimmy:

 If you want to learn about the scientific definitions of the many types of mentally challenged people on God's earth - make sure you include Jimmy's Clubhouse on your holiday list. It's chock full of info and see where you stand on the Bell curve on the fancy-ass box!
You can find these babies at my little shop:

I am working with my good pal who is the funniest man I know on a secret project and am trying to master his drawing style. You might win these studies now if you order fast!

Of course I know how much cartoon fans love their inanimate objects coming to life, so I have been sketching Patty Pantiehose and Milburn Mobile Device for you.

These are my initial concepts for a He Hog toy.


bob said...

I wish you could post your good doodles before you ship them off,also merry Christmas John!!and happy new year!!!

Argus Faux said...

Wow! What a bargain!

Jesse Oliver said...

Some of those doodles look like you're doing a Wacky Twist on Beavis & Butthead!

stratton carver said...
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Steve said...

Dear Mr K,
You re my favorite animator person in the world.
Youre my hero.
My psychologicaly diagnosed father figure.
Please dont do anymore of that lifeless computer based animation CAUSE ITS THE PITS!!!!!!!OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Thank you.

A fan.

Unknown said...

Secret project? Could your friend be Mike Judge? Those Beavis & Butthead drawings are EXCELLENT!

James Robert Smith said...

You are a busy man. You work hard. Is that a disease? America wants to know.

David Germain said...

Hey, John, both of our blogs turn 10 years old this month. I hope you celebrate that in style.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I'm an aspiring cartoonist of the age of 28 halved. John, I've loved your work since the Stone Age, and I'm currently at a point where I'm not sure where to go with artwork. You're an incredible talent, and your(or anyone else in this comment section and blogging network, you're all incredible) input on my meager scribblings would be much appreciated.

The George drawing on this is hilarious. The arrow girl is adorable. Beevis and butthead are a hard lot to interpret. Love your work, and your writing style.
Some stuff. One thing I need to work on is time(shortening the time it takes to do good caricatures)

Quacks Dashing said...

Some of those look the tiniest bit like Oscar Grillo drawings

Anonymous said...

Whenever I have the extra cash I'm getting some. I'm curious what it is like to see your characters constructed in real life 3-dimensional space that I can pick up with my hand and rotate. Although the packaging alone is absolutely amazingly fun and unique. I haven't been in toy stores in a long time but these would surely sell like crazy at Toys-R-Us or other places like that. Even without knowing who the characters are I imagine kids would be in awe of these.