Thursday, November 19, 2015

Treehouse Pt 7 - They shoulda listened to the God-fearing Christian in their midst

Here's the original ending to the cartoon. Abe has fallen out of his wheelchair and is asleep on the floor.
The ghosts and ghouls come in.

Frank Grime's spirit yanks out Homer's soul and eats it.

Homer drops dead.

The smell of death is like smelling salts to Abe, who wakes up and slowly pushes himself up on his arms.
He trembles as he gets ready to have his say.

Happy his predictions about the evils of Halloween have come to fruition, he shouts "I...WAS...RIGHTTTTT!"

...and bursts into flames, satisfied.

as he gloats his corporeal self burns to a crisp as he gleefully tells us , "We're all going to HELLLL!"
The end

Well that's how I was hoping the cartoon would go...Want to see the animatic?


Paul B said...

Awesome ending! I would liked to see this in the final opening.
Thanks for the goodies John!

Anonymous said...

"Want to see the animatic?"


Thiago Levy said...

No wander why fox didn't air it. Animatic please!

jazzguitar said...

YES!!!! Animatic pleeeeeeease.

Loren Broaddus said...

So John, I know this is completely irrelevant, but I've been studying some animation from Woody Woodpecker cartoons, especially the work of Emery Hawkins. I'm saying this because I'm just wondering what's your opinion of Emery Hawkins? One of the few bad things (if not the only one) I've seen in his animation is that thing you get pissed about when both the character's feet are lined up on the same plane. Other than that, his work is gorgeous, and he undoubtedly draws the best Woody. In my opinion, anyway.
So again, what do you think of Emery Hawkins?

Carmine said...

Holy crap, yes please show us the animatic! What a great ending, god damn it I wish it got animated!! WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I think we ALL want to see the animatic!

Carey De Witt said...

Enter the BORED ROOM!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Mikko Määttä said...

You really should make an animation. I don't care what kind of, I just would like to see it! I'm cracking up when I look just a single drawing of yours. We used to watch Ren and Stimpy with my sister and with my friends here in Finland and we laughed our asses off! I think those cartoons are the best, nothing comes even close. But its just not that they are Ren and Stimpy but because you are a really good animator with a really good sense of colour, line and most of all - humour! Have you ever thought of making a series with Kickstarter?