Sunday, November 08, 2015

Treehouse Opening Pt 3 - Abe's Warning

 Abe: "Liars and deceivers,
Concealers of the TRUTH!
 On Hallow's Eve there's worse to fear
than Men who torment Youth!

The Lord abhors your vile disguise!
You think to cloak your SIN!
 While out their lurk the fiends of HELL,
 Who crave your souls within!


MrJohnffrey87 said...

Now this would've been funny, I wish they would've kept this part.

Paul Bonzulac said...

Man, I wish this had been filmed. Hope there are more storyboards posted!

Anita said...

Omg this is the best!!

Carmine said...

Wow, this is GREAT!!! Now THIS is why you're the best...who else could possibly make something this funny?? You're humor just stirs up all sorts of emotions, it's so visceral. So funny!!

Abdullahi Bouraleh said...

It's so sad the parts with Abe Lincoln didn't make it. This stuff is amazing!

Abdullahi Bouraleh said...

Oops, I meant Abe Simpson. Silly me.