Friday, May 24, 2019

Blen and Kubercheebee's world

Dust Mites

Blen and Kubercheebee are microscopic dust mites, friendly parasites that enjoy a symbiotic relationship with you.

They mostly live in your eyeballs but are very adaptable to changing climates.

During dry-eye season they can spread to your other moist areas where they quickly study the new environment and mutate to make the best of it.

Food Sources

They are omnivorous.
They can subsist on bacteria, fungi, skin flakes, 
blackheads, mitochondria and eyelash wax 
but their favorite foods are the tiny parasites 
that are crawling all over your body even now as you read this
- stinging, fornicating and laying their itchy eggs in your pores.

Dust mites have multiple hooked tongues 
that can pierce and retrieve their nasty prey,
thus relieving you of countless irritations and even early death.

Here are some of their favorite delicacies:

These popular fellows now appear on post cards and doodle pads.

Post Card Set

 Dust Mites Doodled