Thursday, August 08, 2019

Inking and coloring step by step - Alien Stickers

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I've been working on some new stickers of Binto, Blop and currently some aliens.

I thought I'd share my process with you one step at a time.

Sketch Design

Import into TB Animate 3 and start inking 

I have Harmony but I like the brush better in Animate.
I usually start with the body, inking the biggest shapes first.

 Finish outline of body - rough

 I try to use as few strokes as possible because it makes the rest of the process easier.
 You can see that the rough inking has some overlapping lines so I then start cleaning them up.

Clean Up Body

Start Inking Head

Again I start with the outline of the biggest shape.

Clean Up Head

I like to use layers - head under eyes, nose etc...

Start Inking Features

 On separate layers.

 Inking Finished

Once the inking is done and separated into logical layers, it's ready to color.

 Start Filling Colors

I start filling the body colors first.

Finish Body Fills

Start Filling Head

 Finished Head and Body Fills

Now it's ready to take into Photoshop to add a little rendering.