Saturday, May 30, 2020

Fan Mail

Thanks for your letters

I’d like to thank you for the abundant fan mail I get in the mail. 
I like reading the letters and apologize for not being able to answer every one directly.

Save your art and souvenirs

May I suggest that if you do send mail that you don’t include art or other stuff that you’d like returned because like I said I can’t respond to each and every letter.

I’d hate to see you buy prints and things from someone else and lose ‘em in the mail.

Getting something signed and guaranteed for delivery

If you’d really like something signed and delivered the sure way to do it is to order something directly from

There are lots of fun cartoon souvenirs I designed especially for fans to choose from.
My assistant will make sure I sign (and/or personalize if you request) any art, posters or toys you order and get them to you.

I really do appreciate the wonderful sentiments in your letters so please don’t think I am ignoring you.

*Beware of imposters who sell you prints while appearing to rep me. I see that someone is taking prints I designed especially for fans and selling them themselves.

Thanks again!
Save Your Toys