Sunday, March 12, 2006

Beautiful People 8 - mean

In my first beautiful people post I explained how I had to get used to drawing someone before my caricatures became cartoony.

Here are some I did the other night when I was in a particularly mean mood I guess.

Note how they have less details and are more exaggerated than my earlier versions of the same people.

It took me a long time to get a caricature of this girl that I thought was decent. I have a ton of practice shots. Maybe I'll put 'em up later so you can see the progression.

I did this one for Katie because she loves to do her and has funny theories about her head.

Hey, thanks for all the great comments on the last Barber shop post! You people are amazingly observant! I think I will collect up my favorite comments and include them with the next Barber post.

Tomorrow you get a special treat! I'm gonna feature some great background paintings from Kristy Gordon. She was the key BG stylist on some new Ren and Stimpy cartoons.
I'll give you some notes on them too in case you want to try painting for me sometime.


benj said...


GloriousKyle said...

Mean is good! These are some of the best yet- Tom has a nose like a cock, and Vince has eerie, eerie eyes.

Casey said...

word. I've always been keen on what makes a "good" characature and what makes one bad. I had a bad one made of me, so I punched him in the face.

R2K said...

Those are really great though :)


THC said...

Just got here through Blogger Buzz and I think it's totally absolutly freakin awesome here. XD
'Ren & Stimpy' is one of my old time favourite cartoons, andIm just loving all th other work you put up here.


Nicolas Martinez said...

The second drawing is the best, in my opinion.

Joel Bryan said...

The Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston caricatures crack me up, especially Vince. He's sort of melting/sagging and has a sleepy eyed jackass expression, while Jen seems a bit overwhelmed by it all.

The heavier contour on the outline is a nice touch, contrasting the thinner interior lines.

Is there a point where a caricature gets too mean? Personally, I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

1. Tom Cruise
2. Sarah Jessica Parker & ???
3. Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston
4. Jessica Simpson & Nick Lache
5. Ashlee Simpson

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the paintings and your notes on them. I'm always looking for new techniques to try!

David Germain said...

1. Tom Cruise (there's no such thing as "too mean" to that guy)
2. Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConaughey
3. Vince Vaugh, Jennifer Aniston
4. Charlize Theron, Oogie the Smog Monster (don't remember him at the Oscars ;P)
5. Rachel Wiesz?

Steve Stark said...

Haha Vince looks freakin hilarious. Even him just animated saying ...Hey Im Vince Vaun.. would be great.

Chet said...

these are your best.

Michael E. Vernon said...
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Anonymous said...

Awesome drawings! I belive these are the best ones yet!

mitchL said...

That Ashlee is fricken hilarious. She's such a birdmonster...

What are Katie's theories on that messed up dome o' hers?


awesome so great

Anonymous said...


Although you are losing it!!!

The whole sketchy, scribbly pen thing worked. These new stylised ones are moving away from that and IMO aren't as good. IMHO!

randi said...

I agree with David:

Tom Cruise (there's no such thing as "too mean" to that guy)

Keep going until the drawing is as ugly as his soul. He totally sucks ass.

Say, what about more caricatures of famous scientologists? What could be more fun than carefully studying photos of Kirstie Alley's colossal backside?

Ivy said...

The Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston one is genius.

Desiree said...

Jennifer Aniston is AHMAAAAAAZING!!!
naah they aint mean!! wait till you get really emotional over obnoxious housemates!! That really does spill the beans~~!

Backgrounds would indeed be an absolute treat!!! THey are COmpletely underrated!!
Hey, what did Victoria Jenson (jenson????) do with RnS? was she a "supervisor" (or sumin) or did she paint too?? (sorry, ignoramos yet CuriOs over here!!)

Lippy said...

The Vince Vaughn is right up there with the Barbara Bush (my all-time fave so far..) Nice!!

John, how do I send you one of mine to critique? I missed the Jude Law love-fest... but I got a Donald Fagen I'm dying to get CREAMED over.

Jenny said...
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Mitch K said...

Hey, great caricatures! I really like this 'meaner' style. They really DO look like them. Beautiful!

I'm awaiting those background paintings, and your notes on 'em!

Max Konrardy said...

it's interesting how the more exaggerated they get, the more they resemble animals.

for instance, cruise = total squirrel!

Aimee Nester said...

I can't figure out which is better: sketchy or bold lines??
In your drawings they're both great.

I think that when bolder lines are used the drawing can like it's not moving; heavier.

I am trying to loosen things up by putting more movement in drawings.

I like the more exaggerated ones you did in this post. I can't feel your mood, but I know when I'm in a pissy mood things tend to be more intense (that goes for all forms of expression? music/art).

I have always love the BG's of Ren & Stimpy, they remind me of formica tables from the 50's. Looks hard to do, since they look painted?? Can't wait to see what is next...

Gabriel said...

Jennifer Aniston is the best,i`m amazed! My favorite so far. It feels like you know every inch of those people`s faces, i best you could even make a clay sculpture with no reference at this point.

Eric C. said...

Will Bill Wray and Scott Wills going to work on APC ?

Why didn't Billy West work on the project ?"

I think Eric Bowza does a better Stimpy than Billy because he's more closer to Larry Fine.


How does it feel having your own blog and all ?


Eric C. said...

Great Pencil tests John. I'm working on some pencil tests myself. How do you trace them and color them, how to you animate them. What Software do you use ?

I just take Micromedia Flash 5 and scan my drawings in with Photoshop Elements.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could draw that good and so originallllllllllll..

Nice work! Keep it up!


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R said...

I dunno, that's the best Tom yet!

This is sorta not relevant to this post, but do you like the actor Sterling Hayden? He seems up your alley.

Citizen Drummond said...

These are easily some of the best yet, and I've been lookin' at your caricatures from day one of the blog. Your really honed in on the aspects of the faces that makes the celebrities them, and then took them to the Nth degree. Sometimes I have difficulty telling who you're caricaturing, but not on this one.

Goldpimp said...

I think the best drawings are done when the artist has some sort of connection to the subject. That may be laothing, love, general faciantion or hate.
Passive disinterest does not a good drawing make. It's good to crack yourself up doing one of these images I think. Great fantastic stuff.

CarolineJarvis said...

Love the completely raw approach to your celebs... it's always fun to see how far you can push it. I posted some of my celebs on my page.... after seeing yours though I'm definitely going to work on pushing it harder.