Friday, March 17, 2006

Don Martin gifts from Corbett

Cobett (Vanoni) has been very kind in sending us links for more Don Martin comics, so here they are for your enjoyment. All you girls out there owe him a kiss!
The Sculptor in His Studio 1
The Sculptor in His Studio 2
The Sculptor in His Studio 3
The Sculptor in His Studio 4
The Sculptor in His Studio 5
The Sculptor in His Studio 6

The Fishermen 1
The Fishermen 2
The Fishermen 3
The Fishermen 4

Moving Men 1
Moving Men 2
Moving Men 3

After the Rains 1
After the Rains 2
After the Rains 3

Early One Morning 1
Early One Morning 2
Early One Morning 3
Early One Morning 4

Carpenter's Assistant 1
Carpenter's Assistant 2
Carpenter's Assistant 3
Carpenter's Assistant 4
Carpenter's Assistant 5
Carpenter's Assistant 6
Carpenter's Assistant 7
Carpenter's Assistant 8

The Chase 1
The Chase 2


C. A. M. Thompson said...

Thanks for this! I love how violent The Carpenter's Assistant is.

DanO said...

thansk for posting those John.
from when i was a young anklebiter the meat in my head was cured on Martin & Martin.
(Don and Steve)

a lot more Don Martin at this guy's site:

Anonymous said...

hey john,
obviously u like warner brothers cartoons but wat do u think of the old mgm cartoons like tom and jerry, droopy etc.

Nicolas Martinez said...

My god. Mad was sooo much funnier back then.

R2K said...

Haha those are crazy. :)


Anonymous said...

mid life crisis huh wha your old shhhhnnnmmmm ok?

Gabriel said...

The last panel in The Chase was tricky one, yet he managed to transmit the message because of that flower.

Stephen Worth said...

I hope folks who are scanning stuff like this for the web keep the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive in mind... We are looking for people to digitize reference material from their collections for inclusion in the archive.

If you do a really good set of scans, please consider burning them off to DVD-R and sending them to the archive. That way, everyone can benefit from your time and efforts.

The things to remember when scanning for the archive are...

Scan at your scanner's highest hardware resolution (600 dots per inch or higher)

Make sure the subject is perfectly square on the platen, not at a slight angle

Send ASIFA your raw scans, with no photoshop touch up or color correction

If you are scanning a book, put a sheet of glass or other weight over it to press the binding as flat as possible, so the pages don't bend and there are no shadows that fall over the image.

Scan the cover and title page with publisher and copyright info. If there's a page with biographical info on the artist, scan that too.

Save as Photoshop or TIFF files (not jpeg or gif).

Send your scans to... ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, 2114 Burbank Bl, Burbank, CA 91506

The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive is looking for animation, comics, cartoons and illustrations that are useful to artists for reference and education. We need your help. If you would like to help out, contact me at


Vanoni! said...

Well, then! Here are a couple more.
The Moving Men1
The Moving Men2
The Moving Men3

After the Rains 1
After the Rains 2
After the Rains 3

Vanoni! said...

Sorry - I left the file format designations off of the Moving Men. (.gif)
Here are corrected links:

Moving Men 1
Moving Men 2
Moving Men 3

CORKY said...

WOAH I have the old paperback mad comic of *early morning* I'll see if I can find it...

CORKY said...

By the way, I found coal black on WHOOT.


Loooove it!!! XD

dummschaf said...

at first, sorry for my bad english.
Ich live in German in i found your blog. Your comics are so funny, i love them

Scot said...

I always thought that Don got the short end of the stick among the Mad Magazine artists. Among many of the artists I associate with, his lack of character design diversity is often attacked. I think Don's material just bubbles from the page in ways that even the most accomplished comic artists never reach.

I think my friends read too many of Sergio's Groo comics.

I finally got a chance to check out the Looney Tunes "Censored 11" I really felt that "Uncle Tom's Bungalow", "Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs," and especially "Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears" are off the charts good toons. "Tin Pan Alley Cats" and "All This and Rabbit Stew," are good, but contain some material that was better presented in other works (I'm horrible with the Looney Tunes' timeline, so I cannot state which is first or what-have-ya) through "Tin Pan" has some fantastic gags during the early scenes of the story.

I was surprized by how innocuous the offensive material in the shorts were; especially the jazz musician material (love the jazz music). I'm not saying that the material couldn't offend other people, but I would look at it as no less offensive than just about any other ethnic portrayals in the cartoons of old.

The great toons of old stereotyped everything... the Irish, the Russian, cowboys, southerners, dogs, children, etc.

Newspaper comic strips thrive on stereotyping how men can't cook, women can't shop, dogs like fire hydrants, teenagers are lazy, the elderly are cranky, etc. Its kind of sad that stereotyping is permitted so heavily when it comes to cultural expectations, but a straight forward characturization of Fats Waller or other jazz musicians are looked at as racist.

Vanoni! said...

I'm not interested in debating racism - but I sure can't stop scanning old Don Martin comics!
Steve - I'll get around to scanning some stuff for you - but it's a VERY lengthy process on my Flintstone era computer.

The Fishermen 1
The Fishermen 2
The Fishermen 3
The Fishermen 4

Gabriel said...

Vanoni, I can't praise your efforts enough, thank you for sharing all this stuff with us!

Garwik said...

Don Martin's stuff flows wonderfully. His wordless comics are his best, just because of how well they rely soley on the action of the art to tell the story.
I've got a few of his books around, including one of the Kaptain Klutz ones. Great stuff.

brandon pierce said...

Oh, brother. I feel so sorry for all the girls who owe John K. a kiss!

benj said...

Thanks Corbett and John!
I didn't know that guy....
he's a GEEEEEnius!

TonyC. said...

THese are the best.

Vanoni! said...

I was going to stop, but I think the timing in this one is great.

The Sculptor in His Studio 1
The Sculptor in His Studio 2
The Sculptor in His Studio 3
The Sculptor in His Studio 4
The Sculptor in His Studio 5
The Sculptor in His Studio 6

Glad you guys are enjoying this stuff!

akira said...

glad you changed your picture!
just joking..

thanks for posting.. this is a great way to read them without blowing it by looking at the last picture first

Vanoni! said...

>>this is a great way to read them without blowing it by looking at the last picture first

Most of these scans are faithful to their layout in the book.
The placement of the panels on the page are important to the pacing as well. When I was a kid I thought it was silly when they only put one panel on a page that had room for two. I think I believed they were padding the book for more pages. Now I realize it was pacing - grouping similar gags and putting punchlines on a separate page.
I'm not sure if Don or the editor was responsible for making those choices.

– Corbett

david gemmill said...

these are great! I love all the old good mad artists. The thing I like about Don is that stuff he does with the feet, bending the toes down. I always thought that was the most hilarious aspect of his drawings. Plus from an animation standpoint, it'd give the actions a "drag" look.

C. A. M. Thompson said...
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S.G.A said...

Ilove john k's stuff an I see alotta great artists, bettern me an then all hold his influence which is definately deserve-ved, but god damned me if I ainyt gonna try an look like nobody !!! Damn Your incredible John K. You an Bill WRAY!!!! check out my blog an give me a job!!!

nightwing said...

ooop...this one works
Don Martin Shrine

tina said...

I'll give don more than a kiss :P

QueefBizzle said...

Hey john, Whats your opinion on this tutorial.

lastangelman said...

Early One Morning is up there with Tex Avery's best! Of course for best long form story there is Don's classic retelling of King Kong and movie star ambition, "King Witz". Oh, and then there is The Hardest Head In The World tale. Damn, and his stuff NEVER got animated.

Anonymous said...

can boys kiss him too?

Julie said...

Don Martin's cartoons were the funniest things I encountered as a child. One of my older cousins loved Mad Magazine and left a few Don Martin books at my grandmother's house which I discovered, poring over them each day after school. I don't think I laughed as much as I studied his drawings. And I'm not even a cartoonist-- just someone who appreciates good art.

Thanks for reminding me of Don Martin, John! Now I have to figure out where my own Don Martin books have escaped to.

Ryan Edwards said...

Carpenter's Assistant, frame #13. Wow.

Daniel Carter said...

John and all the Don Martin posters... thanks! And hey, what a crazy coincidence: just this morning I was drawing old Don Martin-style heads in my notebook during a meeting... I laughed as I added whiskers and hairs to the drawing, recalling all my childhood devouring of Don's MAD cartoons.