Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Crappy BG paintings-Big House Blues

When we did the pilot for Ren and Stimpy, we couldn't afford extra people to do all the jobs that needed to be done, so Bob Camp and I painted most of the BGs.

He did the real ones, and I did mostly color cards.

I always loved in Clampett's Baby Bottleneck, how there were many scenes with no BGs, just color cards behind the characters. In some scenes the BGs would change color on accents, like when a little hammer hits Daffy on top of his noggin, and his head changes shapes really fast.

Nico put this up:

These quick color changes gave the accents more "oomph" and I thought, maybe I'll do it even weirder and put nutty patterns and blotches on the BGs.

I tried to do some real paintings in the cartoon but couldn't get the brushes or paint to obey.

I wish I had known Art Lozzi was around!
I did the opening pan of the cityscape. It's a real mess and one of my first attempts at painting. I don't have a frame grab of it though....Well Rogello was nice enough to make one!