Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When Woody Was Cool

I love the first design of Woody! Here's a character built for comedy.

It's too bad this design didn't coincide with the best period of animation at Lantz.
Lantz' animation in the early 40s was pretty mushy and sloppy.
The animation, drawings and timing really tightened up in the mid to late 40s in the Dick Lundy cartoons, but by that time they were using a less funny design of Woody and he wasn't quite as wacky.

Oh for there to be some animation today that is unashamedly silly and comedic. Does no one who runs studios like kids anymore? Shouldn't cartoon producers be like Santa Claus? Instead of the Grinch?

Imagine what Eddie could do if you let him loose and told him to make kids laugh as hard as possible?