Monday, September 03, 2007

Mort Todd on Don Martin's Influences, more Dentist

Mort Todd

is a cartoonist, comics editor and all around cartoon
/comics buff. He was the guy who was responsible for getting my Spumco COMIC BOOK off the ground at Marvel comics a decade or so ago.

He knew Don Martin personally, worked with him and did a lot to help Don get some rights back to his original artwork. I asked him in my last post to let us know who Don's influences were and he kindly replied.

Mort Todd on Don Martin

I talked with Don Martin about his influences and, believe it or don't, he wasn't much of a comics fan as a kid. He was certainly inspired by Virgil Partch (VIP)

which is evident if you've seen his early album covers.

He also liked Milt Gross (Banana Oil)

and Bill Holman (Smokey Stover

** Note that my Cigarettes the Cat is pretty much stolen from "Spooky". I actually got the idea for the design from the retard cat in Clampett's Kitty Kornered and changed him into a non-retarded cat and then later discovered Smokey Stover and Spooky. So, I'm caught. Hopefully I took it a lot farther and changed the personality.

[his fire hat may have inspired Martin's way of drawing feet, no?]). He dug the Popeye comics and cartoons but wasn't aware of Tex Avery or Bob Clampett (by name anyway).

All artists are influenced by others which is most evident by their early work. To see later stuff by Jack Kirby, it'd be hard to realize his early swipes were of Alex Raymond and Hal Foster.

Also, concerning the humor art of Gene Colan, I had him do some stuff at Cracked, shot from his pencils. Beautiful stuff from an underrated artist who was rarely successfully inked by other artists.

Great blog, John, and a true service to mankind!

Beast regards,

Mort Todd

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