Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thanks to Chris DeCarlo and others for your support

Chris must have thought some of my lessons, advice, stories and cartoonist profiles were worth something to him because he dropped 25 big ones on that Paypal button to the right of the blog. He's the first one to do it, and no one even prompted him. Maybe some day this blog will find a way to support itself.

Send me a picture and maybe a note on what inspired you to donate, so I can feature you Chris, and thanks again!

You're one of the good ones.

Your pal,

John K.

P.S. Too bad audiences weren't ready to pay for their own entertainment. I bet if each fan spent the price of 4 movie tickets per year, we could make whole new cartoon series without pesky old networks. Just the stuff the fans like.

New Contributors:

Nate Bear just made a nice donation. Thanks Nate!

Also thanks to...

Matt Greenwood,

Gregg Underwood

Robert Herman

Dennis Hyer

Paul Stadden


Mitch Loidolt

Eric Parks

Callum Barker

$150.00 USD from Chris Alvino!