Saturday, August 02, 2008

George Liquor Setups

Boy, can Jim draw funny back views


trevor said...


I love Jim's layout drawings! I don't think there's anything he CAN'T make funny. Like refrigerators, clocks, and beds.

Is he ever going to put out another album?

- trevor.

trevor said...

Do I gather, from the notes in Jim's drawing, that the cans are not drawn but in CG?

- trevor.

James said...

nooo, haha, hes keeping notes for the painter to paint those items using the computer.

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Great layouts! And you're right about his ability to make George's back look so funny! I especially like the 4th setup's fingers and buzz-cut.

I'd love to see more of these John :)

Jason Anders said...

It's so great to learn the stuff here that they don't teach you in school, thank you John!

trevor said...

Hey, how come in setup 1 and 4 George is in a wife beater, but in setup 3 and 5 he's got sleeves?

- trevor.

jack raffin said...

jim = fun & genius.

no doubt in my mind.

also, he had another freehead thing coming out, but not on cd.

Frank said...

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thiago said...

These (ultra-amazingly-cool) Setups are the same as Keyframes?

Thanks for sharing the production steps with all of us!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

WOW! These are really great, very funny. I like the meatier George from the first shot. As practice, I inked the original shot from a previous post. I used your tips, they really helped.


Thanks for looking,
David O.

Chris said...

Hey John,

I love Jim's layouts, they're so much fun to just look at. I started inking them and you can see the first attempt on my blog.

I've been concentrating on getting control over my ink lines like you suggested and wanted to get your opinion on them. Aside from working on Jim's layouts I also redid some of my sloppier inks in this post:

Any help you can offer is always appreciated. Thanks,