Thursday, August 07, 2008

WB Pitch

These are silly and just for fun. Not intended to desecrate the classics. No one can improve on the original directors' work. I'm just trying to help get the classic cartoons in the public eye again. It drives me crazy that these cartoons are barely seen anymore.

for Wicks

I've always wanted to do wraparounds to classic cartoons and managed to get some interest, so here are a few quick sketches for the pitch. Of course they would be more detailed and thought out once we actually made 'em, but these are just some ideas of degrees of varying from the models to see how the execs take to the idea.

Here's some wraparounds for the 50s WB cartoons and I loved this packaging:

I want to do the same sort of thing for the 40s cartoons and draw the bumpers in a caricatured Clampett style. (Don't worry, the arms and legs wouldn't be this skinny. This is just my doodle style, not my layout style)

For Mitch L
Thanks, Mitch!

for Harmke

40s style Bugs:
Thanks, Kevin!

I would do more new HB cartoons in this style though. My theory is that the HB cartoons had great raw material, but because of time, money and conservatism never took full advantage of what they had.