Monday, January 26, 2009

An Age Of Extreme Conservatism - pt 1

For Pete Emslie and Mike Fontanelli:


I have never seen a deeper uglier form of extreme conservatism than what exists today. I don't mean conservatism as in "the conservative party". All parties are conservative today, in the literal meaning of the word "conservative".

What is conservatism but fear of the new? Well that's what it once was. Now it's a much uglier monster. It's fear of the special, fear of the skilled, fear of individual accomplishment, fear of competition, fear even of professionalism.

Today's conservatives bemoan the fact that Hollywood is run by a bunch of dirty "Liberals" but I don't see anything remotely liberal in the way the business conducts itself, or the products it oozes out. It's run by a small handful of huge inefficient corporations - who probably all gave donations to Obama for "change" but who never in a million years would give up their monopolies and go back to a capitalistic "free-market" environment where they would have to actually have to compete with gifted talent.
Their monopolies are what keep out any individual initiative, any skill, any thirst for innovation and anything that anybody in a saner age would call remotely "creative".

We now have music with no melodies, "singers" that win hundreds of awards, "earn" more money than history's greatest dictators and usurpers, just for going on stage and mumbling broken "rhymes" into a microphone, backed up by a monotonous loop of the simplest electronic drum beat.

Masses of robot people in the audience wave their hands in the air as if in a hypnotic trance of ecstasy. They don't dance anymore, because that would require learning a skill - which takes discipline - and discipline is an evil conservative plot against the mass sameness we call individualism.

I'd swear 90% of television is about absolutely normal people, no different than anyone on your block, who by the luck of the draw have been chosen to be made into stars. We have people who are stars because they are fat and can't exercise by themselves. Like it's some amazing achievement to be fat.

1940s STAR


We have people who are stars because they were forced to live in a house and bicker with other average people. We have shows about people who can't dress themselves without a wandering Gay guy to take them to the worst clothes stores in the world and drape them in embarrasing clothes that are even more tasteless than the ill fitting jeans and t-shirts they were wearing before they became famous. We have glorious stars who gained their fame and fortune by eating bugs for weeks and stabbing their friends in the back, and now we look up to them for their political advice on talk shows hosted by a panel of other people who never did anything skillful before they became famous.

We have newscasters who don't have strong voices or personality - regular folks just like you and your cousins. We have super expensive movies that look like your Dad's home movies.

The whole idea of conservatism has changed - as has the idea of liberalism. The words are meaningness now.

At one time there was an admirable kind of conservatism, even though I personally don't understand the conservative impulse myself.

Conservatives used to at least believe in skill, discipline, cleanliness and professionalism. They hated change of any kind and would only change their ways of doing things when liberal minded thinkers in the competition invented something that became popular. The conservatives would be dragged along against their wills by the experiments and freshness of the popular new ideas and styles and attitudes. I used to say "Today's conservatives believe in what they despised when the last generation's liberals introduced it - after stealing it from the radicals that we burned at the stake 2 generations ago."

Classic Skilled Conservative

Country singers hated the Beatles and all dirty long-haired hippie freaks in 1967. By 1972, the biggest country stars all were hairier, dirtier and far less disciplined than the hippies they used to drag behind their beaten up Ford trucks. Modern Conservative

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