Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Secret Cartoon Club

This is a live action show in the style of 60s local kid shows. The live action is just a funny format to introduce short cartoons within the program:It stars a zany host and lots of puppets, and live kids in the audience.

Secret Lunchtime Cartoon Club

Some Recurring Live Action Characters

The Suspicious Widow

There is a neighborhood Widow that lives in a sewer pipe opening at the edge of town.
She is always spying on the Secret Cartoon Club Shack.

She thinks that something wrong is going on in there-like the kids are having fun watching cartoons!

She is like Mrs. Kravitz in Bewitched. She wants to report any suspicious behavior to the authorities.

She doesn’t like anyone having a good time. Especially kids.

She also wants kids to watch cartoons that are good for them.

She recommends The Biddy Network, a network run by soccer moms and psychologists that has cartoons about being polite, cleaning up the environment and going to school.

Of course the kids hate the Biddy Network and only watch ours because it is bad for them and proud of it.

Officer Friendly

The local cop. He is very nice and very gullible.
He helps everyone and distrusts no one.
He loves kids.

He thinks the kids in the Secret Cartoon Club are in there doing their homework.
The Suspicious Widow always goes to him with evidence that the kids are actually up to no good, having fun.

Mr. Gorilla Suit

Mr. Gorilla Suit is the neighborhood impostor.

He is not really a gorilla and has a mangy ripped up old Gorilla suit, but no one seems to mind.

The kids sometimes call upon his services to chase The Suspicious Widow back into her mean old grimy sewer.

Guard Puppets

Outside the shack are really tough looking 12” inch high puppets.

They look like Rootie Kazootie and Howdy Doody, only grown up and with five-o’clock shadows.

They make sure no one but kids are allowed into the Secret Cartoon Club Shack.

Man Infiltrates Club to watch cartoons

As I said in the first draft of the Network notes, in some of the episodes a man dressed as a kid infiltrates the Secret Cartoon Club and always gets caught. Usually by the duck.

The Duck is suspicious

The man, dressed in shorts and a white shirt with a bowtie, sits nervously in a chair in the midst of the other kids.

He has really hairy legs.

Ducks can smell leg hair, and so our duck knows there is something up, before the other kids catch on.

He sniffs at the leg.

When we cut to shots of just the man’s leg, we will use a puppet leg.
It is a big hairy latex leg. The duck pecks at it.

We have a low budget, so we can only afford one leg. Kids and the duck interact with the rubbery leg.

The leg tries to run away but never escapes the wrath of the fun loving children.

Whenever the man is caught, he is led to the punishment chamber where the kids mete out an appropriate penalty to the grown up who has encroached on their cartoon territory.

Sometimes they transport him into the future for a brain punishment.

Another time, they take him to the shrinker and shrink his hands.
This is very embarrassing. He goes home that night with baby hands and tries to hide them, which is not easy.

Duck pecks at man’s finger

Duck stares at puppet leg of man

Latex Leg becomes a popular character

Of course we will have to merchandise the popular leg.

Leg Toys

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