Tuesday, February 24, 2009





Chloe is a supernatural artistic talent who should be rich by now. Her natural style is a kind of elaborate caricatured classical realism.
Or should I say surrealism? Anyhow, she has an amazing observational ability. she sees forms within forms to such an extreme level, that I can't imagine how complex the world must look to her eyes. She is also is very articulate and has written some of the most thought-provoking comments on this blog, although lately she has deprived us of her wisdom.

She decided a while ago to try her hand at something much simpler than what she normally draws - cartoons. She came up with these sketches of my characters and some others. I think it's very hard for her to boil things down to such simplistic rules and concepts. Her natural instinct is to make every drawing have hundreds of different planes.
Some of these interpretations of George Liquor are downright scary1

Here's Jimmy....

Here's her interpretation of Marc Deckter's style

So, I talked to her a bit and tried to convince to lower her I.Q. to the point where she could use just a handful of simple rules to draw cartoons.

There is a missing step here. She sent me a bunch of Bugs Bunnies from model sheets awhile back that were sort of halfway between the above and below drawings. She liked to use a thousand lines where just one would usually suffice.
Here she finally got it down to the simplicity that you need to draw good cartoons.
She still has a slight tendency to make things kind of wavy, as if the characters are made of flowing liquid, so I just suggested she try to make them a bit more solid.
If anyone ever figures out how to harness her talent, watch out.
I bet she feels guilty drawing this simply.



Chloe should meet Adrian, a kindred spirit.