Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Specific Personalities



marty said...

Hi John,
I am working on an animation in which I am stuggling to get personality into. Could you take a look at my animatic here, and let me know what you think?
-looking forward to the next post, as always.

Hans Flagon said...

This should be an interesting post John.

I tend to find myself preferring the cast of personalities built up in the first years of a strip, while it seems often, the creators themselves quickly TIRE of that cast.

Peanuts lost a few regular everyday kids as it gelled into Schroder, Lucy, Linus, Siblings and Snoopy et al. One of the worst things and best things to happen to that strip is when Snoopy stopped being a dog, and became a biped wiseass Garfield prototype. After a few diminuitive lil brother and lil cousin characters, Schulz just seemed to can it all and go with the lesbian love of Peppermint Patty.

BC had a great starting cast, with Curly, Carp, Wiley, the Girls, became a bit introspective with Wiley then became an Aardvark and the Ant strip before Harts religious transformation.

A reflection of inner life/Social life? A simple tiredness of gag writing situations? A reaction to competitiom? Meddlesome editors ideas?

Goulds Tracy showed a bit of change as well, as Capp probably cross influenced fewer villians of the season, and more characters such as B.O Plenty (Pappy Yokum is that you?) and Trips to the moon. More of a family feel.

WB expanded their animation cast with relative consistance. Disney kept their short stars locked in BrandName limbo, as Walt prefered features and theme parks; the licensed comics provided the new characters. Ludwig Von Drake was the only contiuing character to pop up later from the studio, during walts life.

Mike Kevan said...

He's quite verbose for a paraplegic hobo

HemlockMan said...

Yeah, Wiley always freaked me out when I was a kid. I liked his poems, though.