Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks Alberto

I love it when people do the lessons and get something out of it. Sometimes I get something out of it too, like this nice inked drawing by Alberto that I can add to my model sheets.

His Ink has retained the style of Jim's drawing, the curves and angles, and best of all a good control of the hierarchy of thick and thin lines.

Hey Alberto, can you post the first version, so I can show the before and after with my comments? It will help others who are into absorbing the fruits of cartoon knowledge.

Here's what he did before, so I gave him some notes and he did the one on top.

Obedience is a prelude to skill!

the notes are here:



Alberto said...

Many thanks John! I feel so motivated.
Here's the link
Thanks again!

Helloid said...

Nice job inking! A well-drawn pencil can be finished in such a way that it is seamless with the other representations of the character.

Do most of you ink with a brush or computer?

- kosta said...

Hello John I'm guessing this is the best way to get in touch with you...I would like your help and criticism. I recently graduated from Sheridan College, and feel I'm an ok artist, but just ok. I want to improve and need to know what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right. I have a lot of trouble with the fundamentals. I own loads of cartoon DVDs and books (including Preston Blair's book and the Illusion of Life) I just don't know where specifically I should be focusing my attention towards. Also I want to do your tests for advice but don't know how to get them to you. I've been a long time fan and I think you can help me become a better artist.
Any help is greatly appreciated.



Dan Becker said...
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- kosta said...

P.S. The line work is pretty awesome!


Alberto said...

Thank you, I inked this in Flash CS3 with a wacom intuos 3 tablet because I couldn't print and ink on paper.

JohnK said...

Wow! That's pretty damn good for flash inking.

What brush settings did you use?

Alberto said...

Oops, I really don't know, I guess default settings...
I pressed the pressure and tilt buttons below the tools, then I ink and correct the bumps with the black arrow(selection tool) and the snap(the magnet) selected, and to correct the thin lines I used the ink bottle tool (s) to make the lines thicker then I converted those pencil lines to shapes and corrected the bumps again.
But my brother showed me a new tool in Illustrator CS4 where the brush feels much better, I'll try some inks that way.
Excuse my horrible english.

Alex I.R., Esq. said...

Do you have posts about line work hiearchies? I know shape hiearchies to a certain degree, but then there's line ones. Oy vey, that's subtle.

nktoons said...

Excellent inks Alberto! I learned a bit from this post John, thanks.

Sven Hoek said...

In Flash?!? Wow. Very nice ink job. Looks great!

Isaac said...

Flash has a way of making lines crooked, and even though Alberto's done a great job, the Flash effects still show.

Alberto said...

Hello John,
I put one more inking.
Thank you.

Alberto said...

Here's the link:

Alberto said...

Here's the corrected version John, thanks for your kindness.

Geneva said...

Hey John,

I gave inking a shot:

link. Thanks for taking a peek.