Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hipster 'Toon 'Tude Retreat

This is my new show I'm gonna pitch to Teletoon.
It's about a bunch of hipster 'toonists and concept artists who live together in a magical coffee house on a tiki island paradise. All day they they talk how about cool they are, strike 'tudenal poses and design 'toons about tweenagers that everyone wants to beat up in real life.
The cool 'toonists rebel against the man and refuse to do anything old school - unless it is a 15th generation descendant of something that Ward Kimball did in the 1950s. They take a vow to ignore the audience and especially the kids. Humor and fun and magic is old fashioned and very unhip.
Each character only has 2 views which will save lots of money, so we can give more to the middle aged soccer-mom writers who will fill their stock mouths with thousands of catch phrases and outdated valley-girl talk from the 1980s.

It's all gonna be animated in India for 50 cents per episode which will give us more time to play with our circle templates and vector tools.

Then in a year or so, a computer programmer will figure out how to eliminate us completely by creating a program that can instantly design flat hip perspective-free characters and animate all the stock cool actions. The executives and soccer-moms will be really happy then because they will finally be completely free of us pesky artists and will be able to make the cartoons by themselves. And they will be the cool ones.

And there will be no reason for cartoons or cartoonists to exist anymore.