Friday, May 26, 2006

Fan caricatures 1

Here's some folks with taste that ordered caricatures from me:

Brianna-daughter of the Famous Aimee!

If you have received yours yet, post it and I'll link to you.

Tell me in the comments!


Eric C. said...

Very Nice.

Lucky Dog!

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...

Yes, I will I heart the picture you made for us so much that I carry it on the end of a key chain and takeit every where I go.

well, I wish I could...

My scanner is pooped. I'll post it ASAP.

My best pal, *sigh*

Anonymous said...

thats fun, i cant wait to see more. someday when i have a real job i'll get one!

Kitty said...

dawww... Ren is soo cute *hugs* hopefully i be good as u 1 day. :P

Dr.Awkward said...

I'm gonna re-post a previous comment-

Hey,, all this "animation" talk, and yet nobody's touched on the subject of CLAYMATION!

It's what Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit, James & The Giant Peach, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride used, as well as Celebrity Deathmatch, Gumby & Pokey and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, to a lesser extent.

What are your views on clamation such as these?

Kristin said...

@Kitty: Isn't he? I just wanna kiss him and hug him!!!

Nice work John!

Kali Fontecchio said...

MR John K,
I emailed you about a Buster Keaton one- did you get my email?

JohnK said...

Hi Kali

yeah I did

I probably won't be able to get to it for a month. I'm going up to Canada for a couple weeks.

But I will do it!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thanks John!

I will be attending your show this Sunday at the Aero Theater- I am looking forward to it!!

Shawn said...

Hey, John! I sent you a package with some of my comics and art. Did you get it?

Your pal,

Essam Abdallah said...

Dear Mr. John,
i am a very big fan of your work. I am from Egypt, where animation isnt that big of an industry. However, I am really interested in It and am currently working on an animated short that I would like to send you a copy of and get your feedback on it. My email is essam_1983 at yahoo dot com. I really really admire your work, and you are someone that i would like to get help from instead of the cows that teach in our art schools here.
Yours truely,
Essam A.

Mitch K said...

Haha Wicked. How much do these caricatures go for?

Yeaaaa Canada is cool. It's where I live.

Blanco said...

I'm thinking of becoming an animator once i graduate and was wondering what kind of salary does one do these days?

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...


Robert Hume said...

Well I sent you a request for one awhile back, but I don't know if you even got it or not...

Anyhow, your a busy man so if you did get it I doubt you'll be drawing it anytime soon. No biggie...

Robert Hume said...

"I'm thinking of becoming an animator once i graduate and was wondering what kind of salary does one do these days?"

Just a word of advice, if your thinking of getting into animation, DON'T do it for the salary...BELIEVE me, chances are you'll end up being disappointed.

If you do it, do it for the love of art and the idea that you'll be working on something you love doing for a living, NOT the money.


Anonymous said...

Hi John

I just found out about a web site called and it has alot of stuff for animation. Would that be the best place to order an animation board? That site is what Eddie suggested for me.

your pal,


Ryan G. said...

Dr Awkward.. what med school did you go? Dont forget that animation is really just moving images.. That said ,technically a real life motion picture is animation.. Film is 24 pictures played in sequece in 1 second.. but our mind sees it as action..persistence of vision, blah, blah,blah... so people's definition of animation is usually cartoons(Bugs Bunny, Ren & Stimpy,).. Some define it as anime, or stop motion (claymation), or rotoscoping. The fact of the matter is, you can use any material to animate and they are all valid forms of animation..for example, in my animation class right now, some students experimented on a flip book burning each page differently.. or you can animate with sand or paint or blood or whatever.. so...i dont know where i was going with this, but here is my comment

Anonymous said...

Hey John. I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Preston Blair's book ever since went offline (they had it posted). Your series has reminded me to do that. There is a new Preston book coming out next month. "Cartooning: Discover the Secrets of Character Design" Do you know anything about it? Think it is worth getting? Do you know how it compares to "Cartoon Animation?" Thanks!

Roberto González said...

I guess I didn't read the first post about it. How does this work? Did they send you some pictures and you made the caricatures? Where did they send you those?

Anyway, they are pretty cool.

Have a nice trip, John.

(Also, I hope you'll continue posting Preston Blair's lessons soon)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great blog and the great art, John K. It's good to know there are people who care about animation, and aren't just trying to make a load of bland, patronising, enslaving crap that'll appeal to some moronic mythical demographic - and make a lot of money at the same time. Most animation these days is anti-art. It's like bubble gum without the flavour. You're the real deal. Keep it up, and thanks for the great blog. Simon, Brisbane, Australia.

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...

I wish I were famous ;)

jorge garrido said...

>>I probably won't be able to get to it for a month. I'm going up to Canada for a couple weeks.

Hey! I'm in Canada! Are you doing any shows or something? Will you be meeting with PM Harper to discuss better programming on the CBC? When are you gonna get a star on the Walk of Fame? Hell, I'm gonna go shoot them a request right now.

These are great caricatures, but they seem really generous. You got any really exagerrated ones?

JohnK said...

These are great caricatures, but they seem really generous. You got any really exagerrated ones?<<

Well I'm nice to my fans-unless they specificaly ask me to draw them hideous.

I'll post some more celebrity caricatures this week. I have some nasty ones.

They have Mexicans in Canada?

rebelbarbie said...


i'm just really excited. i missed getting to meet my last cartoon artist hero due to shoddy advertising of the local free paper - so i'm bypassing it by going straight to the source. when ya comin' to visit calgary?

jorge garrido said...

>They have Mexicans in Canada?

I'm a Guatemalan living in Canada. And no, there aren't enough latinos here. :(

Anonymous said...

Mr. John K, Sir

I'm Wondering what it takes to get a charicature done by you. I've been religiously checking your blog since i read an article on it here in Toronto. Actually, haha, donno how you'll react to this, but i just finished first year animation at Sheridan. Not to get my nose TOO brown, but your work is definately what made me want to get into animation as a life style.
Thanks Buddy
Hope to get a reply

Frank Macchia

Dr.Awkward said...

>Dr Awkward.. what med school did you go?<

Uhh, I'm not a medical doctor, smart guy! But thanks for answering my question.

Jennifer said...

I got mine! It's really nice.

Fans, if you have the money (and it really doesn't cost a lot of money - it's much less than you think), get a caricature or sketch from John. It's worth it.

John, I'll post the sketch on my blog soon. I have to find a way to make it related to technology - I have an idea of how to make it work.

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...

A while back (Mar.) you asked for your fans to send in the most (I forgot the exact word you used), funny looking fan pic. ??

how did that go? any takers??

I'd send mine in but you already know what I look like and didn't capitalize on it yet *hee*

Anonymous said...

These charaters just look like Ren and Stimpy rehashed.
All out of Ideas?

Jason_Chatfield said...

Uuh.. it IS Ren & Stimpy.. spaz

Anyway - John - I've posted you off some photos of me with a money order - can't WAIT to see it.

I've sent you an original caricature of you too.. I've been pretty kind.. probably too kind to the point where it looks really purdy... thus hardly anything like you. :D heh...he..oh

Anyway it's here if you want to see it:

unfilter said...

hi john,

i really want a caricature too! how can i contact you/send you a pic and money to have one done?


Nina said...

here's the link to the caricature:

nina said...

shoot, that didn't work too well for some reason.