Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Bob Clampett!

David Germain has notified me that it's Bob Clampett's birthday so every cartoonist out there gets to take the day off! Just tell the boss (or your teacher) I said it was OK.

Here's just a few reasons to love Bob Clampett:
More length!
More women's undergarments!

More scrotal tissue
More hiding in scrotal tissue
More evil naked demons!
More elasticity!
More cartoony!
More abuse!
More lust!
More Boners!

Yessir, Clampett gives you more of everything! So everyone say hi to the Clampett family and let 'em know how much you appreciate his wonderful wacky cartoons!
Give your love to:
His wife Sody.
His daughters Ruth and Cherie.
His son Robert!

Also if you have more Clampett stuff on your blogs, send me links and I'll include them!
Thanks to Andrea for all the pics on this page so far.


Anonymous said...

great pics.

Anonymous said...

Bob Clampett kicks ass!

Pedro Vargas said...

yeah he was the shit! that's all I can say. oh and Happy Birthday, Bob!! I wish the best to the Clampett family-Sody, Ruth, Cherie, and Robert!

KenM said...

Incredible stuff. Love the neck on that crazy duck and the nose on that reddish-orange cat.

BTW, John, you've been quite an inspiration around our house lately. I got my hands on The Ripping Friends DVD over the weekend and watched it with my son, who's about to turn 8. He totally ran with the vibe and came up with a wacky bunch of hero characters he calls "The Fighting Doofuses," complete with a gang of villains. I think he's ready for the Preston Blair book now. I have to thank you even more because he's been stuck on Japanese animation for a couple of years now.

Morly said...

Damn, I love Bob's stuff. I recently met Ruth, too, and she was very nice and glad to hear how much her father inspired me. Happy Birthday to the Master!

Duck Dodgers said...

Thanks again for the nice words, John!

And I wish the best to every Clampett in the world. Even if not related to Bob!

Max Ward said...

Bob Clampett put the looney in Looney Tunes. He was the craziest and greatest director at Warner Bros hands down. I give my love to the Clampett family, hoping a complete Bob Clampett DVD set will one day emerge

Charlie J. said...

I think the whole world deserves today off.
Go to youtube and search Clampett's name!

Anonymous said...

John, found this link you might find interesting.

Happy b-day to one of the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Hey John K.

It's Jesse again. They should really make a DVD of all the WB cartoon classics by Bob Clampett. Including the banned cartoon "Tin Pan Alley Cats". It's been ages since I've seen a Bob Clampett cartoon. They stop showing them on Cartoon Network. I like those Bugs Bunny drawings. I love how the drawings in "Falling Hare" look different then the drawings in "Any Bonds Today". Lets all hope to god we get an all Bob Clampett Looney Tunes DVD! Heres one question for ya. Was it Bob Clampett who directed the Private Snafu cartoons or was it Chuck Jones? And were the red and yellow cats in those photos the cats that you based the designing of Stimpy? Anyway "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!"


Rev. Joker Cross, KSC said...

Today should be some sort of national holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, I'd like to see something like The Ten Cartoon Commandments, if you could think of one.

Anonymous said...

"John K 3:16"

Anonymous said...

Heres one question for ya. Was it Bob Clampett who directed the Private Snafu cartoons or was it Chuck Jones?

They were directed by all four directors at the time, Jones, Clampett, Tashlin, and Freleng.

Clampett only did two of them - Fighting Tools and Booby Traps - two of the best ones!

Danne8a said...

Happy Birthday Bob Clampett!
My regards to to the Clampett family.
Bob has been the biggest influence on my life!
He was living entertainment.
How he made the jump from making the best theatrical cartoons ever made to one of the best early Television shows and winning Emmys I will never know!
The man was truely a legend.

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...

Yeah, my Birthday was on Tuesday! Happy birthday to us!

Elisson said...

Clampett was an absolute genius. Sometimes the only way to appreciate him is to look at screenshots - the amazing detail flashes by so fast at 24 FPS that you can miss some unbelievable poses.

I posted a couple of screenshots here, in a piece that needed a Grizzly Bear illo. Who better to lob one in than Bob C.?

kp said...

To Bob! And to the rest of the Clampett family!
I'm with you guys on a *complete* DVD set with his wonderful works in it. I don't see why old cartoons or old anything needs to be censored for PC reasons. Isn't that what disclaimers and advisory labels are for? So if someone can't handle it they don't have to watch it?
Ah, well. Here's hopin'.

Mitch K said...

Happy Birthday Bob Clampett!!

Eric C. said...

Happy Birthday Bob! Your Awesome.
The craziest cartoonist on the planet.

Hey John, I'm thinking about putting together some good quality animations on my site or on other internet sites. Should I do it ?

I need your advice.


Nicolas Martinez said...

Hi Sody, Ruth, Cherie, and Robert! Bob Clampett is the greatest cartoon director ever. You folks were really lucky to have him :)

He does the best full animation (on 1's on 2's) I've ever seen.
"Coal Black" is my most favorite out of all his great cartoons. That and a lot of his '30s ones.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

jorge garrido said...

Happy Birthday Bob Clampett!

Hi, Sody, Ruth and Bobby!

You know what I love about Bob? His cartoons had way more wrinkles and details in the close ups than anyone else's.

Nico said...

Thank you, Bob. Without you, on this day in history... wow, I have no idea where I would be, or what profession I'd be doing, right now.

HELLO and THANK YOU to the Clampett family! I was at one of John's LA screenings a couple years ago, and nearly crapped my pants when I found out the entire Clampett family was sitting in the row directly in front of me.

Much love, thanks, and cartoony goodness!

S.G.A said...

Thank you for the great pics that tweety is my new wall paper!
Are you going to post about
Raymund Spum... I'd like to know more about him!

Shawn said...

Happy Birthday, Bob Clampett!

I wish I could have met that man, one of my all time heroes! I passionately love to watch all his cartoons! The man was a genious!

And best regards to the Clampett family!

Anonymous said...

Bob, Thanks for everything, especially "Kitty Cornered" and Falling Hare" and I'd better stop there because this would end up being a verrrrry long comment.

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Clampett. Wish you were still alive and making cartoons...

I wish the best to his family.

Frankie said...

Every one of those pictures is funnier than an entire episode of "Danny Phantom" (though that doesn't seem to be that hard)

Is it still possible to buy the Bob Clampet art book? My highschool library had it, and it had quite alot of art in it, lots I had never seen on tv cause they were in those old cartoons with the wacky lookin black people. I would like to buy that.

Kitty said...

COOL! I love "Eatin' on the Cuff". *throws confetti* Happy Birthday.

cableclair said...

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Robert Hume said...

Happy Birthday Bob!!! Here's to hopeing that a Bob Clampett collection gets released!

Ryan Edwards said...

Hey John - I have some animation work which I would love to have you do, would you please contact me @ rynokins at so we can discuss further, thanks so much!

Jitterbug said...

Those pics are great, they make me want to watch those cartoons again.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Marc Deckter said...


Gyrobo said...

Happy birthday, Bob Clampett!

Anonymous said...

Bob Clampett wasn't just a great cartoonist but was one America's greatest film makers, a true immortal. His stuff has given many years of enjoyment. Here's Best Wishes to the Clampett family!

Jason_Chatfield said...

What a champion.

John (and fellow fans) - I was wondering if you could help me find a cartoon that I saw back in 1999 on cable here in Australia. It was a cartoon called "Turdy the Dirty Birdie" and it cracked me up.. haven't been able to find it anywhere since..

David Germain said...

I've certainly done my part already, but I'll wish Bob Clampett a happy birthday once again. I hope God gives him the biggest slice of cake in Heaven (before Orson Welles or Shelley Winters gets a hold of it anyway).

I also have a question. I read somewhere that Bob was born and raised in San Francisco. However, on IMDB it says he was born and raised in San Diego. Which one's right?

Anonymous said...

You mean "The Dirdy Birdy" by John Dilworth. I love that cartoon too. You can get that cartoon on a Spike & Mike video. Just go to and check out the DVD and video list and buy the vhs tape Spike & Mike classic animation festival volume 3.


P.C. Unfunny said...

I love that scene when Bugs kicks the projector and rants about the tortise, great stuff. Clampett will always have a solid place in animation history, no doubt about that.

John W. said...

You linked to a webpage that had the individual cells from one small sequence in "Tortoise Wins By a Hare (here we go again)", and I found the 30 second clip from said cartoon with those frames.


Michelle Klein-Hass said...

There is a High School going up now on the site which used to be KTTV Ch. 11's studios, which used to be the corner of the Warner Bros. Hollywood lot that contained Termite Terrace, the hallowed rickety bungelow where so much magic was created.

As a Valley resident, I have absolutely ZERO pull with the naming process for the new High School. However, if you live in Hollywood near Sunset and Van Ness, you do.

This new High School should be named either Termite Terrace HS or after one of the great artists who directed the classic Warner Bros. cartoons. Certainly Bob Clampett HS would be a great name for the place. So would Tex Avery HS, and LA Unified would be then be able to market Avery HS t-shirts, gym shorts etc. to literally thousands of fans in France.

Bob Clampett HS. It could happen. Weirder things have been known to happen. It's up to you, gentle readers living in the area of Los Angeles in question.

MikeMatei said...

i love that scene from tortoise wins by hare with bugs. What's your favorite clampett cartoon john?

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know why my posts keep dissapearing out of thin air.

Circles, dots, and lines!

BrandonPierce said...

John, have you met Clampett's family?

Anonymous said...

John, I'd like to know what you think of the Simpsons the way it is now compared to the way it used to be.

Chris Wyatt said...

This is better than Christmas!

Anonymous said...


Rabid Rabbit said...

I envy my own childhood, being able to watch the old Clampett cartoons on TNT before the censors went ape-shit on everything. Even if I didn't laugh at it I was still amazed at the gorgeousness of the drawings (that is a word, dammit). Now nobody takes the time to hand draw anymore, and it all looks like shit.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bob!!!! What a treat to see so many funny frame grabs! I like the way Porky looks in "Porky's Party." It's funny to think that Tahlin hated Porky and didn't think he was funny at all. I think he's a great character but then I tend to see him through Clampett's eyes.

-Eddie Fitzgerald

jorge garrido said...

>> (before Orson Welles or Shelley Winters gets a hold of it anyway).

God has a seperate cake for Orson. It says "Do some push ups" on it in icing

Anonymous said...

Well, Eddie--Tashlin didn't really care about any of the characters, in the real-person sense that I think you do, or I do...he looked on film characters as objects, pawns for comedy. He did a brilliant job because he was a great director and a funny man, but I don't think he gave a toot about the characters themselves.
So, WHERE'S your BLOG, man?
Give cartoon gadflies another flower to settle on!

Anonymous said...

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