Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Bob Clampett!

David Germain has notified me that it's Bob Clampett's birthday so every cartoonist out there gets to take the day off! Just tell the boss (or your teacher) I said it was OK.

Here's just a few reasons to love Bob Clampett:
More length!
More women's undergarments!

More scrotal tissue
More hiding in scrotal tissue
More evil naked demons!
More elasticity!
More cartoony!
More abuse!
More lust!
More Boners!

Yessir, Clampett gives you more of everything! So everyone say hi to the Clampett family and let 'em know how much you appreciate his wonderful wacky cartoons!
Give your love to:
His wife Sody.
His daughters Ruth and Cherie.
His son Robert!

Also if you have more Clampett stuff on your blogs, send me links and I'll include them!
Thanks to Andrea for all the pics on this page so far.