Sunday, June 04, 2006

Troop Beverly Hills - from the precambrium era

Holy Crap! I just found this dinosaur at youtube!

It's the first time I ever got a chance to animate and design a sexy girl. I had always wanted to but in Saturday Morning Cartoons it was completely taboo to draw women who were good looking - because it would set a bad example for young girls.

Well I love to set a bad example.

We did this at Bill Kroyer's studio around 1987 or 88.

Jim Smith and I did the layouts. I animated Shelly Long with the flashlight and some other scenes. I think Jim did some animation too - he drew the scene in the canoe and other scenes as well.

Mike Kazaleh animated the girls with the wine bottle and corks. Kent Butterworth animated the scenes with the bear at the end.

There were probably a couple other folks who worked on it but I don't remember. Eric Stefani?

Some guys in the midwest did some animation too, but I don't think I ever met them. If you're reading, post a comment and let me know!

I was reminded of this cartoon by a gal who had a printout from it and she got me to sign it at the show last week. You should post it and let me link to it!