Friday, September 15, 2006

Bob Clampett Retrospective in Ottawa Sept 23 -next weekend!

Hey folks get out to Ottawa next weekend to see a great show of Bob Clampett's best cartoons-on film!

I'll be there, and I'm gonna do a pre-show "workshop" panel and show clips all about what Bob Clampett does better than anybody.


Cuteness and Sickness at the same time


"The workshop is a complement to the Bob Clampett retrospective we are doing at the Festival this year. It's scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm at the National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage. The space holds 150 people and it will likely be busy because it's at a good time slot. Here is the description: John Kricfalusi presents: The Genius of Bob Clampett Legendary Looney Toons animator, Bob Clampett, has been a tremendous influence on Ren and Stimpy creator, John K, and many other animators and artists. Find out why in this presentation from some of Clampett’s biggest fans, including John K himself."

After the Clampett Show, I have a retrospective too and I'll show some old and new stuff and tell behind the scenes stories.

Meet the wonderfully talented Jessica Borutski! And her partner Chris Dainty-make him pitch a dirty cartoon to you!

Nick Cross!

Kristy Gordon and many other top Ottawa talents!

Jessy's "I Like Pandas" and Nick's new film are playing back to back in a tribute to Ottawa Animators over the past 65 YEARS. Be there!


el-ed said...

ey! thanks for all these images
son fantásticas!
te saludo y te invito a pasar por mi bulín / I invited to pass to "mi bulin"

Jordan said...

please come to nyc before i die


Freckled Derelict said...

Man that sounds outstanding, please bring that retrospect to San Francisco!!!!!

Jeremiah said...

Oh, I wish I could be there.

Jesse Oliver said...

Not only is Kristy Gordon a great Back Ground artist but she also dose the cutest femail voices ever!

Brett W. Thompson said...


That's gonna be incredible.

I really wish I could go!! It's 24 hours of driving to get there, hmmm...

I'm a big fan of both Jessica and Nick's work.

Anyway, have a great time, those of you who can go :)

Spizzerinktum said...

Good lord, that Nick Cross background is beautiful. I can't stop looking at it.

Where is this "Ottawa" you speak of? I think I still have my great-grandfather Thor's reindeer-antler snowshoes someplace around here. Would they suffice?

Speaking of boners, does anybody recall a cartoon from the "banned" list that includes a horned animal (a ram, I think?) responding to the sight of a girl animal by violently unrolling his horns straight out before him? That was just about the most blatant "metaphor" I've ever seen. In a cartoon, anyway.

David Germain said...

Speaking of boners, does anybody recall a cartoon from the "banned" list that includes a horned animal (a ram, I think?) responding to the sight of a girl animal by violently unrolling his horns straight out before him? That was just about the most blatant "metaphor" I've ever seen. In a cartoon, anyway.

That would be I Got Plenty of Mutton (by Frank Tashlin c. 1944) coming to DVD this November. B)

I'd love to attend this thing but it would be too much of a hassle to book time off work and drive out there let alone finding accomodations and such. I'll definitely be booking time off to see the Rolling Stones play here in Regina on Oct. 6 so to book time shortly before that would be too much I'd think.

Maybe the next animation retrospective you host whenever or wherever that will be.

Eric C. said...

Cool, Bob Clampett. That guys NUTS, In a good way of course. I love his wild cartoons. That's how art should be, UNTAMED!!!!!!

Bye the way John, I've read that Monty Python is one of your influences. I was just curious in what way has Monty Python and surreal british humor influence you.


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

I love that opera house interior that has the drastic, take-your-breath away perspective. The animal audience is great!

Shawn said...

Sounds like the perfect event! I'd give the left one to be there!

R2K said...

Fun stuff. : )

Eric C. said...


iamscottevil said...

You've talked a lot about the golden age of cartoons, but I went to the 3d film expo show of 3d cartoons from that era, and I didn't even know those existed, like Melody and Working For Peanuts from disney, Lumberjack Rabbit, popeye, casper. This was special, but do you know what techniques they used because mostly it looked like stereo footage on a multiplane camera, but in melody they had a vanishing converging lines trick that was really neat. Do you know any history behind these?

:: smo :: said...

i've been really excited about this retrospective for a long time! it'll be incredible!

Jorge Garrido said...

I hate my job! I beg John to come to Canada for months and when he finaly does I cant get the weekend off! I feel like Bugs in the close-up projector scene! UGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing left but to blow my brains out. This shouldn't even happen to a dog!

Eggrolls and Chicken Wings said...

Probably should talk about bob clampet here... but i'm gonna have to check out the tunes in the States somewhere, the stills look good tho.
and now, more off topic discussion:

The 3 things that only a duck and a cat can yield, the mutant headed duck, the mutant headed cat, and the third interspecies androgeny created by deformed miracle via an egg delivery platform, but yielded from non-opposite sex gametes... its hellish offspring's nearest neighbor in all of creation's depravity: the Aussie freak-show that is the platypus. It'll take a while at the current pace, but i will get all 3 things Cat-duck tattooed (and then when tattooing isn't popular anymore, I'll show them off).

love, peace and grease,

Vanoni! said...

Those Nick Cross paintings are great.
Love the perspective, as Eddie mentioned.
And the George Liqour ornament.

I'm surprised no one has asked what computer program he used!

- Corbett

Eric C. said...

John, I like to ask.

How wild can Bob Clampett can get to the max?


MARTIN, ARIEL y el mono SILVIO said...

good galerie

i`ll be the happiest boy in the world, if you take a look at my blog.....


Adam B said...

Hi John,
have you seen the new Nick Cross cartoon 'The Waif of Persephone' ?
If so, what did you think of it?

jamaicad said...

Hi John! I'm going to be in Ottawa with a few other animation students from San Jose, and we're going to try to make your screenings! I'm wondering if there's any possibility we could go grab a drink and talk animation? I'm very, very for traditional animation, and I'd love to hear from a pro who is so passionate about it as yourself. All the best, Jamaica.

Hryma said...

Where do you find these people,(re:JessicaBorutski) E'GASH!!!

Loving the cinema scenes Mr K, can I call you 'Mr K' it's kinda got a nice 'ping' to it don't ya reckon or not, sweet colours, awesome!

Signed Jealous.

Max Ward said...

Do you prefer doing these retrospectives Hollywood or Canada?

william wray said...

both Backgrounds are very nice, but as great as the top one is with it's soft edges and good feeling, I'd love to see more cool colors with all that warm.

Eric C. said...

John, How long did it take and how many hours for Clampett to make one of his cartoons and how many people?

Since they didn't do any kind of overseas sort of thing, I wondering what It's like to have real cartoonists just themselfs making an offical animated cartoon.

And how long did for example Sven Hoek or Ren Seeks Help take?


S.G.A said...

I had a gag idea that made me laugh. So, I am passin' it along.
Stimpy is in his litter box , working out to body build a world class champion sphincter, He flexes his butt cheeks and they bulge , like biceps, two big blue bicep-like veins pop out !

Thats all

David Germain said...

John, How long did it take and how many hours for Clampett to make one of his cartoons and how many people?

Hours??!! Each Looney Tune took anywhere from 12 to 26 months to make. It would be silly to calculate that into hours I think. Also, each unit had about 3-5 head animators plus one writer, one layout man, one background painter. And then, of course, Mel Blanc, Carl Stalling and Treg Brown added their touches to every unit.

Does that answer your question?

Cooked Art said...

Hey John - I'll definetly be there!

k9_kaos said...

Man I wish I could go! I've always longed to see one of your shows and meet you and your other fellow cartoonists. From what I've seen on your site, Bob Clampett's cartoons are incredible. They never show any Bob Clampett cartoons on Cartoon Network or Boomerang, at least not down here in Australia.

For the rest of you that can't go, here's something I just found on YouTube. If you're a fan of those spooky old Fleischer cartoons like Swing You Sinners! and Minnie the Moocher then you'll love this - Betty Boop's Halloween Party!

Eggrolls and Chicken Wings said...

who is jessica lynn.
what is john galt.

Me! said...
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