Monday, September 11, 2006

Part time work right now

Hey, Marc and I need some help on these videos we are making. It's just for a couple weeks but may continue on other projects.

Position 1: Marc's assistant - art student internship
Flash compositing

Position 2: Flash animator
to do some timing, breakdowns and compositing from my animation drawings

apply now!


Jennifer said...

I hope you two find someone for those positions.

BTW, happy belated birthday Johnny!

Piotr said...

Where can we work? I'm in Hawaii, but who knows with the internet?

Ryan G. said...

Is this just limited to the LA area John?

Peggy said...

I'd think about throwing my hat into the ring, but I'm already running behind on crap for AG. I'm pretty much full up for the next couple weeks!

Lion_0 said...

Oh my god such a chance to work with such great. Please let this b true. I would luv to if there is a chance. I'm LA based

Desiree said...

I'm new to flash but PICK ME PICK ME!!!!! Do i still get to apply? how long is this for?

meredith said...

id reall like to send you my resume, samples, ETC. My names meredith, my email is satiredun at gmail dot com. im less boring than this comment is, i promise.

Pico said...

If I were in LA John, I'd work for you FOR FREE Buddy.

sitsonchair said...

can you animate my drawings. check out my blog and tell me what you think.