Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ed Benedict and Rod Scribner


Yowp said...

And Thurl and Mel as a bonus. Hurrah!

I love the beaver design.

Martin Juneau said...

Simply funny and well animated. A pure delight of great cartoon.

manuel said...

Yeah, those were the times when only real artists were allowed to make commercials.
At the time, they even made their food for the future:
I once got some Army-food-cans from the Berlin air-bridge time. Best before 1956. The chocolate-cookies were white already, but tasted better than freshly bought cookies. The cocoa powder was the best: not too sweet, and still had its color.

I like that cartoony chanting. And remember, kids: only one beaver fits into a lemonade-jug.

Rooniman said...

The perfect combination!

TedM said...

Cool blog. Ed Benedict Rules. Do you have anymore stories about Ed Benedict?

Dubious Duck said...

What are corporations thinking these days, at least Kool-Aid sold well because they had good and very talented artists like Scribner and Benedict to back up the product.

Now today's commercial's animation designs are flat angular and cold. They don't know how to do stylized animation right. So even if the product is good, the animation in today's commercials may ruin any legitimacy the product has.

Compare yesteryear's commercials with today's



Its pretty obvious which ones are better. The Kit Kat commercial didn't even make any sense to me.

SandraRivas said...

5 cents?!?! Sheesh!

The old commercials are not only more entertaining, but they actually show how great they are, so everyone will be convinced to buy them.

I'm not a big fan of Koolaid, but I'm tempted to buy some right now because of this commercial. The animation and the characters are very cute! I just love the beaver!

Dubious Duck- That Kit Kat has Pixar (and other reused styles) all over it. This actually makes me not want to buy those candy bars.

Martin Juneau said...

Dubious Duck, years ago i remember see a series of awful Oreo commercials when live-action actress says that we should melt bubbles when we eat Oreo and they talk with chocolate in mouth for make it worse. I have doubt it's true because i avoid buying chocolate bars and candies by their ads.

And this campaign have inspired (or ripped, one of two) the Tostitos actress to do the same. I start to realised that live-action commercials today is again more dangerous and bland than animated commercials, even done today. We need to find the good ones, and let the bad ones.