Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Real Animation

Here is my favorite run cycle from a Clampett cartoon:

I think it's Scribner. It's interesting how awkward (and sloppy) the individual frames are as opposed to how magnificently smooth and powerful the motion is.

There are 6 drawings on ones for each step.

The rest of the scene is great too. Such amazing force!

Full Clip

You can buy this set of rare Snafu cartoons on Amazon. This is the best set there is. All the cartoons are in prime shape and unlike the older Snafu sets, the films are not cropped. The whole image is sharp and full screen. All the cartoons are from the top animators and directors of the mid 40s - when animation was at its height. A killer collection.

There is a really cool UPA cartoon on here too.

NO DVNR!! They look just like the films themselves. better restoration than the actual Warner Bros. Looney Tunes sets.