Friday, November 25, 2011

Last Bristol Heads I think

It's too bad Eddie isn't here to provide his brilliant play by play caricature commentary.
While I'm drawing, he stands behind me and stares at the poor victim in front of me and describes how funny looking they are in vivid picturesque terms.
Eddie is a genius verbaturist. His literary descriptions are a million times more pictorial than the cartoons that result from script writer stories.
Maybe Eddie would be so kind as to offer one of his verbatures in the comments for one of these poor brave souls.
Everyone beg him to do it!
Or maybe Eddie will offer up the secrets to providing perfect verbatures.


Barnabas Wornoff said...

These are GREAT John! Want to come to Toronto and rock some more? June 22nd and 23rd we'd hosting Check it out on the flight home. -Barney

ardy said...

Do it, Eddie. DO IT.

Alberto said...

Cah-'mon Eddie! You know you want to. You ain't chicken are ya?

John A said...

John, your caricatures are amazing! You have a real gift for zeroing in a subject (complete strangers, no less) and capturing their "essence". You're some kind of soul-stealing genius, John!

Looks like the whole Norway adventure was a rowsing success, did you happen to encounter any Norwegian billionaires with secret Swiss bank accounts, ready to finance your next ten feature films?

LooneyToon said...

Hey John, nice caricatures. I got to hear your speech and I liked it a whole lot! You sound a lot less harsh in real life than on your blog, and I can tell that you really care about good cartoons being made again.

BTW, have you seen the new Looney Tunes tv show yet? One of the producers are Matt Danner and being worked on by a few Spumco allumi.

I think you should do a post on it sometime. It's not terrible, but it doesn't live up to it's full potential in my opinion. This is actually the rebooted version of the original pitch which was called "Laff Riot." Jim Smith did some storyboards:

This one was actually pretty good, albeit generic. But sadly, the WB executives cut it off after one test screening, without giving the the show a chance to grow, and switched the original staff with a bunch of writers from stuff like Hanna Montana and Zack and Cody from the Disney Channel.

HemlockMan said...

Man. That's weird. Most of those people seem to actually HAVE big heads!

Zoran Taylor said...

I have to say it kinda disturbs me how many of your fans want to be farted on by an overweight, mentally challenged gay cat. I mean, guys, living in Berlin ALL THAT expensive? Stop fighting it already!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

HawHawHawHaw!!!!! What a surprise! I had no idea I'd be called on to do this, but I'll give it a try. Kolin looks like an interesting guy....

Kolin's probably an artist, but he looks like an actor. The dark around his eyes gives him a mildly evil look, but the smile is friendly...just right for the nuanced characters Shakespeare liked to write for.

The scraggely, mangey but well-formed beard stubble and the bangs shaped by dried sweat mark him as an ambitious Elizabethean young man on the make. The nuanced face means he could play lots of different roles: Romeo or Mercutio, maybe even Tybalt (spelled right?). This is the kind of actor who'd thrive in a repertory company.

Kolin's lucky because he has natural style. He effortlessly picks out clothes that suit him, and everything in his closet looks good on his build. 90% of the humen race (includong me) is the opposite. If we have one article of clothing that really suits us we wear it til it's in tatters, never knowing if we'll ever find another.

Chloe is also pretty interesting. That screamingly drastic slash of hair across her broad, happy! She should lower the slash so it completely covers an trumps vision, right?... and she should paste the slash to her skin so the straight hair on the slash follows the exact contours of her face.

Well, that's it. The secret to doing verbatures? I haven't the slightest idea. A while back when John brought it to my attention that I was insulting the people he was drawing, I was mortified to think that I could have been so rude, and I attempted to find the people and apologize.

Trevor Thompson said...

Has anyone ever gotten offended by one of your caricatures of them?

Struwwelpeter said...

Mr. K, it was an absolute joy to have you in Bristol last weekend and I really enjoyed your presentations.
If you by any chance still have the photo of me holding my caricature it'd be a fantastic souvenir, I was this guy:
It has now become possibly my favourite possession.

paul said...

Hey John, when you get home in California, why don't you give us a review on the obscure picture, Cats Don't Dance?

paul said...

Hey, John, why don't you talk about Cats Don't Dance some more. I know that in terms of the animation, it is too self-counscious on following the rules, in your opinion.
But in my opinion, if you look real closely, you would immediately notice the wierd inbetweens in where the character moves from one pose to the next (particularly in the Shirley Temple-type character before the Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now sequence. And the animation is great.

Douglas said...


Any plans on coming to London during this trip, or is it back to the Great White North?

Pokey said...

The real Chloe is cute!!

Anonymous said...

Your caricatures have improved 10 fold. I would say you're a master.

All your practice payed off. Amazing.

I wish I knew anatomy well enough to be as amazing at that, as you are at caricatures.

You know, I have been drawing 15 years or so, since I was a kid, and I still have to study hips and legs, its really bugging me out.

I'm just beginning to learn how to cheat at perspective, something many people I think learn as a child *big things close, small things far* etc.

I'm finding it so hard to keep everything in mind as I draw,
perspective field, the right mannikin forms for my toons, and keeping, proportions to keep it appealing etc..

The small things are second nature, like nose lining up with ears etc.. but the big important stuff I still can't believe I'm struggling with.

I wish I could get over that threshold where posing becomes easy. XD Anyways,

I know, a little sorry for myself.

Thanks for all your great drawings over the years and sharing your art.

- Trevor.

Anonymous said...

Hey john,

These are great

Im a big fan of your work, im an egyptian illustrator. Thought Id post up my website here for you to take a look at whenever, id appreciate any feedback.

Thanks for your time and keep up the great work.

Omar F

mike fontanelli said...

You ain't chicken are ya?

No, he sure ain't - I can attest to it. Eddie must have a "knuckle sandwich deflector shield" or something. No one ever gets mad - even when he's comparing their matted dreadlocks to turd blossoms, or whatever. Anybody else would be picking up their teeth. (Ha ha!) Eddie oughta be moderating the GOP debates...

CartoonSteve said...

Carica and Verbatures - what a combination! Eddie's words are as colorful and animated as your drawings John.

Hey when you get a chance, please view my 30s animated entry to Limbaugh's Tea contest and let me know what you think: Blogger Link You, Clampett and Looney Tunes are am inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Now these are beautiful drawings, I would've attended, but we're short of money as of now! I bet fans were pretty pleased, love how colorful Stimpy's nose is!

I've noticed, on most of the pictures of the men, Ren looks like he's gonna slap them, and Stimpy looks kinda-naive as usual and doesn't really know what's going on! Whereas in the drawings of the women, Ren looks like he's heads-over-heels-in love, and Stimpy is just, well, being Stimpy(as seen on the show!)

Love these pictures, man! =)