Sunday, July 01, 2012

Another Slab N Ernie Story To Work From

This one is less gross:

you can take any page of this story and fill it out with story sketches and continuity.

You can skip the first page (the title sequence)


Thiago Levy said...

Did you take the other story down? Oh well I guess I will work on this one then. They are all good.

Elana Pritchard said...

The Thrilling Conclusion To "Out In the Woods"

CLXcool said...

Here's a storyboard piece for the heartaces Pilot john. Its the part where Roxy overhears her parents.

Trevor Guitar said...

Mr. Horse DEFINITELY has to be in this episode!

So the plot ends off with George pulling the IV's out of the boys on TV with a great caricature of Anderson Cooper - because they did violence they saw in cartoons.

What might happen next:

Microphone after microphone get's stuffed into Georges face as OS voices ask, "What happened?", "Was in an accident Sir?!", "How did this all begin!"

Microphones stuffed in face sound fx: ffffthunk! sQuISh!, etc. lots of room for fun.

George pushes all the microphones out of his face with a large sweep of his arm.

George: Woah, woah, one at a time boys, one-at-a-time.

Then George looks to his right.

George (Still On Screen): You, you look like a REAL work-horse.

Camera pans over to reveal Mr. Horse with a microphone.

He has a ponderous look, he opens his mouth to speak then with great timing closes it again, then abruptly:

Mr. Horse: Well sir? What /did/ happen?

George takes the mic from Mr. Horses hand: 'Well, it started while the boys were watching, carTOONs!'

We hear OS gasps from the reporters. Etc.. you get the idea.

The cartoons get blamed, and it sets up the conflict key-turn the episode, homework vs. cartoons. Lots of room to parody media influence, blame, hysteria, etc.

I apologize big time for not drawing all this out. I have no excuse, other than being a lazy coward to show my drawings.

Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

Hey John, here's a section of the Heartaches pilot I tried boarding.

Heartaches Pilot

Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...
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Paul B said...

Hi John!
I followed your advice on the storyboard I did, here's the link. Greetings and thanks!


Dudo said...

This is the try-out, improved with your words in mind

Improved TAAFI Tryout

Thiago Levy said...

So... this time I focused more on the characters, and try my best at "continuity". I am having a blast working with these characters. I feel like little by little I am learning how to draw them more "on model". I see you at Taafi! Thanks

Cartoons VS Homework Storyboard