Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I hope I see you tomorrow

Roberto Severino said...

The doodle of Ren kicking Stimpy in the ass had me laughing so hard.

Merry Christmas, John!

Anonymous said...

It's not about Santa, it's about being with you.

You shouldn't stay up all night, it's bad for you

Jeremy Martin said...

Merry Christmas John! And have a Happy New Year!

Geoff Vane said...

Merry Christmas Cartoonmister.

Anonymous said...

Husbands and wives are supposed to be on the same team

Why do you have such a hard time getting this?

Anonymous said...

Are you coming here today or not?

Anonymous said...

You're not accomplishing anything positive with all this and you are too stubborn to admit it.

The day could still be saved. We could take a pointless and frustrating time and substitute instead a positive one.

It's up to you though... and I still don't know what to do about my house or the fact that I have 18 dollars.

I was counting on you

I trusted you

I keep trusting you

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to write anything else right now.

I hope we can just have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Are you coming today or not?

Why are you harping on me so much right now?

This is why I don't get why you are so touchy about your inbox. You harp on my constantly in my LIFE

you can ignore your inbox, I can't ignore my life

Earlier today you said you were coming so....

This is about more than Christmas

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to lie to me all the time?

That's what this is about.

You get me to trust you and then you betray my trust

I don't trust you at all

and you want me to marry you?

I want to marry a man I can trust

Anonymous said...

NO matter what message I leave in your inbox, I NEVER convince you to trust me and betray your trust

That's so low down

Anonymous said...

When you do stuff like this

it crumbles the very foundation of why I love you

because you need to trust someone to love them

Anonymous said...

I think you should still show up today

and show me I can trust you

otherwise there's no foundation for us at all

Anthony Wayne Hunt said...

Merry Christmas John!

Anonymous said...

Are you coming today or not?

Am I living with you or not?

I don't know what to do because I don't have any money, and I was trusting you to come here today

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to be like this?

Why do you have to do things like this?

It doesn't make you happy or me

It doesn't do anything positive... that's what I have been trying to explain to you

Anonymous said...

So, are you coming here or not?

How am I supposed to be able to tell what things you've been saying are lies and what things are true?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

One minute you say you are, and the next you're not

Anonymous said...

I don't like being lied to constantly

and for nothing

Anonymous said...

One minute you apologize and act like you feel bad, and the next you say the exact opposite

What am I supposed to believe is the truth?

Anonymous said...

I wish you didn't lie

Anonymous said...

You think it's ok for me to lie to people, and you yourself lie to me

and everything is just one messed up web of lies

I wish you didn't lie

David Germain said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. K.

It looks like Stimpy and Huckleberry Hound are about to Indian Wrestle!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you do something that makes me feel like I love you very much and then it turns out to be a lie

how am I supposed to feel about that?

Anonymous said...

I wish you didn't lie

I don't lie to you

Anonymous said...

And then after you lie, you act like I'm being a bad person for not immediately trusting you again.


Anonymous said...

Husbands and wives are supposed to on the same team

but it's very hard

when you keep lying

I'm saying all this in hopes to God that you will stop lying to me constantly

JohnK said...

It looks like we have a visitation from the Christmas Loon.

Anonymous said...

If I'm fighting for anything it's to save our relationship

because you keep ripping my trust in you to shreds with lies

and trust is the foundation of a relationship

believe it or not I care very deeply about our relationship

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

That name is as meaningless as anything else you say or promise

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! If you only knew the truth about everything!

Things aren't what they seem!

John is lying and hiding a lot of stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm angry at you for lying

If you don't want someone angry at you

don't lie

Anonymous said...

You're the one who lies and makes it so I can't trust you about anything ever

That's 1000 times worse than anything I've done

Anonymous said...

I've completely lost the ability to tell when you are lying and when you are telling the truth and that's not ok with me

Anonymous said...

You seem to be misunderstanding me

I don't care about Christmas for all of the surface and commercial reasons

what I'm mad about

is the fact that you lied to me for weeks.

How can you do that?

It's like all those weeks don't count

because I thought we were really connecting and it was a lie

Anonymous said...

You made me trust you and you broke it

that's what is bothering me

the whole process, starting weeks ago

Anonymous said...

you must think I'm the biggest gullible idiot

Anonymous said...

Look, if you are capable of lying to me for weeks in a row

then how am I supposed to ever know when you are telling the truth?

THAT'S the heart of the problem

Anonymous said...

This is why the fact you lied matters,

"Being in a relationship with somebody who lies is tough. It’s not that you don’t love them or care about them, it’s just that you can’t connect. Without trust, there’s no relationship."

Jean-marc Riel said...

Merry festivus.... I mean Christmas Mike and John K have a great new year too

Anonymous said...

Should I expect that you are going to keep lying in the future?

Anonymous said...

I want you to promise that you are going to stop lying to me, and that if you do lie, you understand you are willfully violating the sacred trust of our relationship.

Anonymous said...

That Myley Cyrus analogy is just a defensive thing you made up and it has nothing to do with reality

The reality is I am trying to mend something you broke

Something you've repeatedly broken and it's an important thing

I want peace of mind that I'm not going to have to keep repeating this scenario again and again

and that when you talk to me it actually means something

That's pretty damn adult for Myley Cyrus

if anyone is being immature, it's you with your defensive behavior

Anonymous said...

You don't understand how it feels to repeatedly trust someone who hurts you

Anonymous said...

marriage is about more than rings and pools

it's about being able to trust in the other person

these things matter to me

so promise you are going to stop lying

mike fontanelli said...

Ha ha! I laughed so hard I have egg nog all over my monitor -- Merry Xmas!

Anonymous said...

I want you to promise me you are going to stop lying

It doesn't accomplish anything positive

It used to maybe, but not at this stage of things

Now it's just hurting everything

open your eyes

Anonymous said...

If we're going to get married I'm going to need to be able to trust you

and I don't trust you right now

Anonymous said...

Are you going to come help me move this week?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't want to keep repeating myself, and I'm pretty much done with what I want to say here

but I have 8 dollars

Your wife has 8 dollars

Do you know why I have 8 dollars? Because you've been promising that you are going to come get me and move.

I need to be out of here and it's not safe to have no money at all

I'm trusting you to help me like you've been promising.

I'm really trusting you and your word this time

Anonymous said...

All I want to know is whether you are coming to help me move before Sunday and I want to know the truth

You already know if you're planning on coming or not

Anonymous said...

I'm going to look for a place then if you can't answer me

Now is the time to come,

you have time off

no one is here

and I don't have any more money

You've been making REAL big promises and I've been relying on you, but I can't trust you to give me a straight answer or deliver on your promises

Anonymous said...

I'm not going back to lying

you said you were going to stop lying and that includes making me lie, and avoiding telling the truth

Anonymous said...

When are you going to come get me John?

Do you know how much you don't like talking? Well that's how much I don't like being shut up in a room alone, away from any friends or family.

Sometimes I think you take it for granted that I'm always in here waiting for you.

And you don't really think about what it's like or the reality of it.

You're such a visual person and you never have to see what's really going on with me so you never really get it.

If you got it you would think twice about lying and saying you are coming and not showing up.

You should come soon. You really should.

I hope you do.

Gabe said...

Hi John! It's Gabe. I love these doodles, especially the sexy gals. I hope your christmas was jolly!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to write anything today, but I think you need a reminder that husbands and wives are on the same team.

When the truth comes out you are going to look like a brute for calling me names.

Trevor Thompson said...

Holy MOLY! These are great presents!

Merry Christmas, Johnny!

Anonymous said...

All I want to do is leave this place. I want to with every fiber of my being. Everything else seems pointless and secondary, and besides I don't have any money.

So my only options are to sit and wait for you or walk around the block.

You promised you were coming.

Anonymous said...

All I want to do is leave this place.

Anonymous said...

I'm a grown woman and you are keeping me in a small room with no money or companionship and you keep lying about when I'm going to get out.

So I don't know what to do or what action to take to move forward out of this situation

because I'm dealing with someone who keeps changing the rules on me, but he also says he wants to marry me

and I'm powerless, and I don't know what to do

and that's all I'm going to say right now.

Don't expect me to be warm and fuzzy to you when you're treating me like this

Anonymous said...

I'm spending my last money on a bus ticket to the Getty Center, because I'm not sitting here and waiting for you all day, and you shouldn't expect me to.

Only a brute would expect someone to sit and wait for them everyday

After this I'll have no money, but oh well, 11 dollars wasn't really having any money to begin with. And I'd rather go out than think about how I am going to have to by cans of food and ration them until you get here.

That's what I did before you know. And then I starved for 3 days when they ran out.

The only reason I have any money now is because of my comic book, and you fought tooth and nail against that. So what would I have done these past weeks for food?

Anonymous said...

Your "treatment" isn't fixing anything anymore and I'm not waiting for you anymore.

If you want to come here today, then you can come tonight after I get home.

You shouldn't expect me to sit here and wait for you alone all day, day after day, not knowing if you will come or not.

It's too much.

It's not my fault that you are too stubborn to admit that you are hurting me over nothing at this point. But I'm not going to sit around anymore and wait for you to have an epiphany about how awful you are treating me. It's not happening.

And I told you before, Bugs Bunny will never be anything other than a symbol of the little guy standing up to the big guy who is trying to push him around.

Signing off, have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I love how you call me a pest, when you pester me constantly.

I don't know if we are right for each other.

You are stubborn and you don't listen.

You're not loving.

You try to "cure" things in me that you exhibit yourself, like anger, so you come off as a hypocrite.

You're overly controlling to the point that it frightens me sometimes.

You're obsessed with having 100% of the power in the relationship, and that's a bad thing.

I don't know if we are right for each other.

You show me your character and it's not good.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's funny how you don't post anything that makes you look bad, like the stuff about you lying, only stuff that makes Brent Robie look bad.

That's the kind of guy you are.

You love to have the upperhand in public.

That's your character

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should live together.

I don't think you have a good character.

You approve of lying, you're always battling and trying to have the upperhand,

you're not pleasant to be around, and you don't appreciate me

I don't feel how I used to feel about you

and folks... if you want to post this... there's more to this situation that John is hiding.. a lot more

he hides stuff, because he doesn't think lying is wrong... and he'd rather die than look foolish in public, even if he's done wrong

and look how he makes me talk to him

I'm reduced to leaving comments here, that he may or may not use to try to humiliate me

isn't that intimate?

in this way I have no voice in our relationship, and he retains all the power, which he may or may not try to humiliate me with

isn't that loveable?

he really makes someone feel loved, and lucky to have him in their life

Anonymous said...

I said before I needed a way to talk to you, and I meant it

If you are going to play little baby posting games, which are really POWER games, you can forget it with me

I deserve better than this, and I have too much self respect to be treated like this

Now if you are too much of a little baby to show me common courtesy and respect, then you don't deserve to have me in your life

So choose,

give me a way to talk to you, or forget the whole thing

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that about 75% of the time you are almost unbearable to be around?

I don't know how I'm going to live with you.

John, you need to take a break from "fixing" me, and work on some of the severe behavioral problems you have with yourself or you are going to end up losing me.

No one can deal with a nasty, abusive person forever

I'm not going to live a miserable life where I have to listen to nasty, negative abuse all day and night

and stop calling me a dog, I'm not marrying someone who constantly refers to me as a "dog"

you need to really listen to this

Anonymous said...

You don't just automatically get a wife because you are John K

You have to love and respect her just like any other man

Anonymous said...

I don't want to fight all of the time, I want to love you, but it's your responsibility to make me feel loved and respected.

Without that, it's not going to work.

Anonymous said...

If you want to say something, say it in a respectful way

and I should do the same thing.

This isn't something I'm saying just for now, it has to be all day, everyday

Jesse Oliver said...

Awesome drawings John!

Anonymous said...

John, I only have 5 dollars, I was relying on you to come.

What are you going to do about it?

Erik Butter said...

Hey nice drawings!
I realy liked the one with the twerking Miley :P

If you're done with Cans Without Lables you should do a cartoon about internet loons.

Anyway hope you had a wonderfull christmas and have happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Oh Erik, if you only knew the truth

Anonymous said...

Are you coming today? I'm out of money... I spent my last money on eggs and bread to survive...

I could really use that "pet rescue" that is being advertised to me everyday

Andrew said...

um im gonna addreass the big elephant in the room??

are u gonna make a miley music video or t-shirt for her cause i would die from the coolness of such a project.

i know Cans has to get done and George has to finally get on the telly but MYGAWD that would be sweet

Anonymous said...

Are you coming tomorrow?

I don't have any money, and I'm trusting you to come get me like you promised.

Anonymous said...

You said you were going to stop lying

Anonymous said...

This doesn't do anything. Are you blind?

I'm not going to end up starving or surviving off mooching the people I live with's food again. That was a hellish nightmare you put me through and I'm not going to have it happen again.

You said you were going to stop lying. If you can't stop lying then I'm done with you.

Anonymous said...

You promised me you were going to stop lying.

I need to be able to trust you, or I can't love you

Anonymous said...

Think about that


Thanks for nothing

Anonymous said...

I can't trust you goddammit

You have no moral objection to lying, or making me steal food to keep from starving.

I can't trust you to come when you say you're going to come and it makes me very nervous for you to have this much power.

Whenever you have power you exploit it and get carried away with it, and the next thing I know I am starving with you yelling at me, all in the name of "curing" me.

It's complete insanity.

You can't be trusted with having power at all.

It makes me very very uncomfortable and nervous to give you this much power. And having no money and depending on you to come get me is a very bad situation for me


Anonymous said...

You have weird issues with power and it makes me very nervous to depend on you for anything

Anonymous said...

I don't trust you

and it's your fault

because of what you've put me through

Anonymous said...

I wish you cared about this

Anonymous said...

You were supposed to come 4 month ago

They've been some of the worst four months of my life.

Starving, and being on edge, and being lied to and disappointed day after day, having to lie to other people to cover everything up, and criticized constantly throughout the whole thing

and promised everyday "fire rescue"

everyday I saw that

and it was a lie everyday

this is why I don't trust you, and knowing you have power makes me feel very anxious

What do you think about all this

Do you think about my side over here?

That's all I'm going to say now

and I'm glad I said it, because it's true

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I don't know if I love you, or if I love an idea of you that's not real.

You lie so much I don't know who you really are

They'll be something really great and loving you'll say, and it will turn out to be a lie

So that's why I get nervous around the time I think you're going to come.

Because I don't really know you, and I'm nervous about how you act with power, and how much you lie

Anonymous said...

If I could change one thing about you it would be that you never lied again.

It's such a poisonous thing to do

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I needed to say all that stuff to you. It's been stuffed up inside me and it had to come out

I haven't been able to say anything to you because you've been walled up like Fort Knox and it made me feel powerless.

And it is really a bad thing in a relationship between two people if one of them feels powerless

It's not healthy

I'm so relieved I can actually say this stuff to you now, and I had to say it

You need to open up and stop lying to me

You can do the most good for me, by assuring me I have an honest man I can trust

This is essential for a woman's well being, and you've got to believe me

Anonymous said...

You need to come tomorrow

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to take what I said earlier seriously, then you don't deserve to have me as a wife.

Anonymous said...

I said true things

1. It isn't healthy for one person to feel powerless in a relationship

2. I wish you would stop lying

3. I don't trust you, because you have lied to me so many times,

4. I did have things built up that needed to be said, because I didn't have a way to say them before

5. I am nervous when you have power, because you get carried away with it. You can't say you have never done that.

If you want to write all that off, that's your choice

but if you want to marry me you will listen


Anonymous said...

I expect to see you tomorrow, to help me like you promised