Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Consumption Day

TOONBOOM SALE for Thanksgiving

By the way Toonboom is having a sale so if you wanna buy "Animate" which is what I use, it's on sale for $349 - about half price.

2D Animation Software - Toon Boom Animate | Toon Boom Animation

WARNING: I have to warn you though, that this is version 3 and if you want to work with someone who has the last version - version 2, THEY AREN'T COMPATIBLE!

Don't ask me why, it's like they want everyone to pay twice for the same product.

But if you are just starting from scratch and want to animate your own stuff, I recommend it.

Don't be fooled by the more expensive "Animate Pro", I don't think it does anything more than just plain "Animate". Maybe it has more gimmicks for people who don't draw but want to simulate animation with puppetry or tweening tricks.