Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Consumption Day

TOONBOOM SALE for Thanksgiving

By the way Toonboom is having a sale so if you wanna buy "Animate" which is what I use, it's on sale for $349 - about half price.

2D Animation Software - Toon Boom Animate | Toon Boom Animation

WARNING: I have to warn you though, that this is version 3 and if you want to work with someone who has the last version - version 2, THEY AREN'T COMPATIBLE!

Don't ask me why, it's like they want everyone to pay twice for the same product.

But if you are just starting from scratch and want to animate your own stuff, I recommend it.

Don't be fooled by the more expensive "Animate Pro", I don't think it does anything more than just plain "Animate". Maybe it has more gimmicks for people who don't draw but want to simulate animation with puppetry or tweening tricks.


Joshua Pryor said...

Every one of those turkeys looks totally edible. The more personality and character, the sweeter the meat after all!

Thanks for the tip on Toonboom, too. Though I lack the money to get it this time, it's always great being alerted to deals as a student.

Happy Flesh-Harvesting day to you, too, Mr. K! Thanks for all the great things you've done for the animation community this year! Enjoy a nice heaping of lumpy brown sauce. You've earned it!

Erik Butter said...

Happy turkey stuffing day!

Carmine said...

I love your Turkeys, they're great. The "Free Birds" look more like generic pigeons. Your Pilgrims are also hilarious! Too bad the executives have no balls.

And thanks for the toonboom tips. I bought animate 2 after speaking to a toonboom operator who said they werent making it beyond version 2, and just focusing on harmony. This was like 6mo ago or so. Looks like he didn't know what he was saying. But your posts on toonboom are great.

John A said...

I know you Canadians all celebrate a month earlier, but other than that, how do the holidays differ? Is it the same Turkey Holocaust we enjoy in the land of the free, or do you guys just eat a big pile of Canadian bacon and wash it down with coffee and donuts?

Trevor Guitar said...

Awesome thanks for sharing more yurrrkies. Even another one of the design I liked with the funky glasses!

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

I wish you had been allowed to continue with Free would have been a funny movie rather than the swill it became. I LOVE those turkeys! I love their awkwardness! Even the sexy girl turkeys are comically awkward! Gotta love it!

cooksappe said...


RP Rodgers said...

Was Toon Boom the bitch to learn for you as it is proving for me?


NobodyButMe said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. K!

Not sure if this is the place to ask, but I stumbled upon this drawing in an old issue of "Wild Cartoon Kingdom" and I have to ask...

Were these the "retro" R&S designs that didn't make it into the Powdered Toast commercial?

kurtwil said...

Nice Turkeys!
And yeah, if hand drawn animation's the goal, the cheaper versions of Toon Boom products are the way to go. You'll have less interface to wade through and not pay for unneeded (unwanted) features.