Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Gallery Show in Laguna of My Collection

Hi folks

I have an art show starting Thursday at beautiful Laguna Beach. Come take a swim in the ocean with a prehistoric Oarfish and then wash up on land and roll into the LCAD Art Gallery.

Here's some stuff that won't be there just because I had so much stuff they had to weedle it down to only the most glistening tasty development drawings, storyboards, layouts, animation, cels, backgrounds, toys and more from over 30 years of wackiness! Not just my drawings, but also work from many of the gifted animators, painters and cartoonists I've worked with.

These are from some development I did on a pitch of Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday To You for my pals at Reel FX.

There'll be lots of stuff like this, but I don't wanna spoil the surprises! You'll have to come see for yourself.

 Check out this wonky chick I drew in 1980...lots more stuff at the show that you may never see anywhere else! 

Andrea Harris,
 The Original Art of Basil Wolverton: From the Collection of Glenn Bray
Dave Kuhn,

and Auralynn When

are curating the show and doing a wonderful job of making it express the joy and exuberance that is the modern cartoon world (at least the one I'm in).

Thursday Night (tomorrow) I'll be there for the opening reception and you are all invited. You can fraternize with the likes of Jim Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harkey-Kedzie, Gabe Del Valles, Alex Salyer, Aaron Chen and many more cartoonists, animators and discerning art lovers of the highest caliber of taste.  If you can't make the reception this week, don't shoot yourself yet because the show runs from now through Christmas. Even Santa is gonna take some time out to see the development of the Spumco style laid out in chronological order before his twinkly eyes.

225 Forest Avenue

Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-7907

Lots of original Ren and Stimpy art too!

and meet the creator of the beloved Armenian rodents.
actual size


Sarah Harkey said...

Haha, Harkey-Kedzie, I see what you did there... I like this ;) See you there!

Jesse Oliver said...

Love your Dr. Seuss drawings!

Anonymous said...

That 1980 Girl might be the best Girl I've seen on here? Why? Maybe these "Dr. Seuss" Drawings are up there with this Blog's Monkey Drawings as well? I haven't thought about it but maybe Dr. Seuss is an all time Fav in his own special Category?

Doctor Noe said...

It was tonight! Shit, and I am right down the road in Mission Viejo. Guess I will have to come in next week.

Yer pal, Noe the G.

Kirk Nachman said...

congrats! Go baby! ...I saw the Wolverton drawings from the Bray collection several years ago when they were here in NYC at the Barbara Gladstone gallery. Impeccable!!

Ryan G. said...

Huff Post

J C Roberts said...

The pencil sketch of the "wonky" chick looks as if it could have come from a Bakshi project. And I'd be interested to see a "Happy Birthday To You" production. I haven't looked at the book in decades, but it made a strong impression on me as a kid.

Andrew said...

hope its going good right now

James Robert Smith said...

If only I lived on the west coast. Alas.

Jesse Oliver said...

It's so cool how you can take your style of drawing and combined it with other people's style like Dr. Seuss, Hanna Barbera and many others.

Freshyfresh said...

Always fun to see your artwork! Love the Dr. Seuss drawings and the Chipmunks!

Carmine said...

Congrats on the show! It looks great! Wish I was on the west coast.

paul said...

Heya, Johnny, it's me again, and thanks for bringing up the art gallery you're hosting. Sorry I can't make it there, because I'm in the east coast-Salem, MA, and I can't afford to go to the west coast-Laguna Beach, CA, so have a great time!

Say! Those sketches of the old Dr. Seuss characters from your pitch are really amazing and incredibly funny. I laughed and laughed when I first saw them, particularly the Squander Bug. That guy, as you know, is what I saw in Dr. Seuss The Cat Behind the Hat The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss and he's from Seuss' WWII years, used as a reminder for people when they waste all their war bond money on items they don't need. You kinda portrayed him as "The Avuncular Monstrosity," but that's right up my alley.

My thoughts are the one with the little Seuss' boy's pet cat is really funny,warm and amusing.

And my true feelings are that on account of these incredibly funny, appealing, and liveliness of your Seussian sketches, I'm gonna learn how to draw these characters, after learning how to draw any Seuss character, after learning how to draw.

Good bye again.


Trevor Thompson said...

Tom Minton once told me Bakshi was working with Seuss. He said Bakshi's studio was Ted's favorite because they stayed the closest to his model sheets.

Were you working for Ralph at this time?