Sunday, November 17, 2013

Live Interview at CTN today - 10:45 am - 11:30

Will Finn is going to interview me in the City Ballroom


10:45 am

although - check the schedule when you get there because everything seems to change every day.

...the interview I think is about the sort of back story of modern "creator driven" cartoons came to be.

Starting with Bakshi's Mighty Mouse but even a bit of what happened to lead up to it.

And of course Ren and Stimpy stuff too.


A T T S said...

Twitch & Writhe, John! Another fine engagement I'll miss.

paul said...

Gee whiz, Johnny, what an interview you'll have with yer buddy, Will "Bill Snelgrove" Finn, but I can't make it 'cause I'm from Salem, MA.
I bet that you're finished with it in Burbank, CA!

Carmine said...

Man I wish I could have been there! Anyone record it? Or the demo? Please for the love of god someone post it!!

Jesse Oliver said...

I hope and pray for the day you can visit Baltimore, MD! :)

koenma said...

Wish you could get a recording of this

cartoonmonkey said...

Hey John,
Was great meeting you at CTN. I was the TVPaint demo guy / animator you met. If you get into TVP, get in contact. I can help you out.

kurtwil said...

Hopefully CTN will give you permission to post some, if not all, of the interview as a podcast.

Eric P said...

Hi Mr K! It's Eric, your pal. (That's according to the sketch you gave me at Long Beach Comic Con.) This comment isn't really applicable to this post, but you said I should try to contact you through the blog. I had asked you about the painted backgrounds that were used whenever Ren went crazy. I've always loved those, and I've been interested in getting copies of them. I can probably think of some good uses for them, like using one as a computer background, but I might just hang a group of them on my wall as they are. If you have copies that you're wiling to share, digital or otherwise, please let me know. My email address should be attached to this comment. It was great meeting you. Thanks a lot!