Sunday, February 22, 2015

LA Comicon Feb 22 2015

Does anyone remember Phantom Lady and classic girlie comics artist Matt Baker's great comics? Jim here sure does!

That handsome lad there below is a budding artist himself and will be more famous that Walt Disney and Picasso put together in 10 years! Look how proud Dad is-and he should be!
I get this request a lot - to do a World's Finest version of Ren and Stimpy:
Boy is Blogger hard to figure out these days...I can't seem to get anything to line up.
Chris here was a real sport.
Don't Marcelo and Christian have a lovely child?
 The one below is the best one I did today, but the photo is crappy because I took it myself, and I'm the 2nd worst photographer in the world.
That Vincent is quite a card, isn't he folks?
Thanks to Bruce Schwartz for inviting me to his swell con.

We didn't get photos of everyone's drawings but if you have one and would like to see it posted here, send me a scan or a photo!


Uncle Sporkums said...

Nice, John! It's wonderful how you have such kind things to say about your fans and how you're willing to accommodate them!

paul said...

Hey Johnny K., it's me again, um, I was wondering... is your virtual cartoon studio still up? Do you recommend Teamviewer on my computer, 'cause I already downloaded it? I know, John, I can't go to your studio without graduating from your little cartoon college. Is that so?

paul said...

Johnny, will you please don't talk about your photos like that? Because I like 'em, I think they're great!

Ava Suleiman said...

Hey Mr. K, I thought you'd be interested in hearing about this.

James Robert Smith said...

"Does anyone remember Phantom Lady...?"


bob said...

say john i was hearing an interview with billy west he claimed that "Kurt Cobain" wanted to do a song on ren and stimpy but when he showed it to you billy qoutes that you threw it in the trash bin?? Is this true?? If you have any pride or dignity left you should answer with a simple yes/no

carl hedsved said...

Hej John K,
is it possible to get your e-mail? I am from Sweden and study animation here and want to ask you a couple of question.

I would be very grateful!

carl hedsved said...

Hej John K,
Is it possible to get your e-mail?
I live in Sweden and study animation here. I have one question I want to ask. I would be very grateful!

Gregg Durishan said...
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David Germain said...

I recently found your most recent Spumco Comic Book. Besides the great drawings I noticed that the backgrounds were all painted with flat colours, presumably with a computer. Was that your choice or is that all you had to work with at the time?
I ask because in my last comic book I tried to not just use flat computer colours. I tried my best to make them look like water colour backgrounds similar to the classic MGM cartoons. Here are the first 3 pages to show you what I mean. Was my extra effort necessary would you say? What would you recommend?

Gregg Durishan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gregg Durishan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandon Lawrence said...

I would love to work with you one day now that I am no longer a grandiose ahole. I gave you a donation because your curriculum opened my mind about cartooning. Even if we never work together, you've been a great influence on my comedy which is coming soon.

James Robert Smith said...

The phantom headlights!

jltoon said...

I miss your rants/insight posts, John. It's a bloody shame that your comments section kept getting hijacked.

I'm a terrible cartoonist, but your cartoon school posts made me a lot less terrible.

juan manuel said...

Hi! I'm 19 years old and i love animation!

i've been animation since 2010 and i really want to live from this!

i would love if i can help you out on anything so i could learn, i REALLY wanna learn from you. When i started i read your blog to death, practicing and trying to understand everything!

currently im doing this:

thanks for reading, ANY advice or commet i will GREATLY appreciate it C:

Manish Srivastava said...

thanks for sharing animation courses in lucknow

Anthony said...

You should talk to Disney about making a Jar Jar cartoon. That would be so sweet.

Geodude D. Luffy said...

You're a very smart cookie. Mr. K. If I may ask you when's a good enough time for a meet up? I like you to draw something from a series I'm currently reading on a Thursday evening. And I'm waiting until it gets in color so that you'll get the idea of what I'm talking about? Wait for me, Mr. K. ;)

Ayumi Sophia said...

I really liked this part of the article, with a nice and interesting topics have helped a lot of people who do not challenge things people should know... You need more publicize this so many people who know about it are rare for people to know this... Success for you.......!!!

Pokey said...

JK, in what could be a topic for your next post, we have the SpongeBob Movie and now there SHOULD be the Ren and Stimpy movie!!

C'mon, we can't let Spongey stop R&S! Maybe Nickelodeon and Spumco could make magic happen again..with Viacom/Paramount releasing.


May 14,2015.

George Washington said...

I just read your post on ugliness and here is my theory. As time goes on and generations progress and continue to mix and breed, people just get uglier and uglier. Compare people from 1965 to 2015 and you can see how ugly humans have evolved. In 50 years from now we will not even be close to looking like human beings which will lead to even uglier cartoons.

Omar Gutierrez said...

Hey Paul,I use TeamViewer very often,but it works for presentations,I think you try to use the program for drawing,but the program has an uncomfortable mouse,and it has a lot of bugs.Well,that's what I think about Teamviewer,I hope it can help you.

Greetings :)

Omar Gutierrez said...

Hey Paul,I use TeamViewer very often,but it works for presentations,I think you try to use the program for drawing,but the program has an uncomfortable mouse,and it has a lot of bugs.Well,that's what I think about Teamviewer,I hope it can help you.

Greetings :)

TheKKM said...

Been saddening me in this last year to constantly see less and less posts on this blog, but it just means I often get to re-read the archives. I'll be honest with you in that your cartoons always felt a bit too wild to me, so I suppose I could say I don't like you as a cartoonist much, but I love your work of analysis- as a teacher, I suppose? Your work philosophies, your tastes, etc. Great stuff, and it's even helped me appreciate in turn things like Ren and Stimpy more even if it's still not quite my cup of water.
Anyways, was commenting because I'm curious about something, for no grand reason, really. Lately, throughout those big circles of internet fandoms, a trend has been happening with the popularization of long-running Japanese comic "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"- there's been an increase in appreciation for the "fabulous"- the beautiful men and women, the glamour, the bright colours and detailed clothing, taken to the level of ridiculousness and unrealism Japanese artists do so well. Was wondering what you'd make of it?
Things like

I find it interesting how over time he developed a style of his own, compared to the start of his career where everything looked like general 80's anime but with better clothes, but it came at the cost of character individuality. Still, plenty of pretty people being violently attacked and murdered, what more can a young kid want?

In the same theme but a different line, I also wonder what you'd find of the openings for the recent animations they're doing of this comic, which are entirely in CGI but in a style I don't think is used much in the West-

A very fair attempt at tridimentionalizing the look of the comic- certainly more faithful than the actual episodes themselves.

Anyways, just wanted to leave you a note of appreciation for this blog, thanking for all the teachings and lessons, and a bit of mischievous wonder as to what you'd make of such a bizarre yet immensely popular product of the current day. Hope it's all going well with you, Mr. K!