Monday, April 22, 2019

Breakfast Doodles TV sketching

Here's how I usually start my morning.
I have the news on and I sketch the heads I see.

I really like this guy's head but he's hard to capture because his features are so lopsided. Every part of his face goes in a different direction than the others.
It's like an optical illusion or brain twister.
 When I am drawing a person for the first time, the sketches are conservative because I am analyzing them and trying to figure out how they're all put together.

As I draw more of the same person they usually get more exaggerated each time.
Mr. Williams is so distorted in real life that it's hard to exaggerate him any further than his maker already did.
He's like a Picasso painting. 
Here are some more dandies I saw on TV.
Ever notice that many of the women newscasters and reporters tend to be good-looking, while the men's heads come in all sorts of degrees of weirdness?
Is that some sort of sexist network policy?
Of course I also doodle old friends as well.