Monday, April 01, 2019

Unproduced Ren and Stimpy Goodbye Bumper Pt 4 - end

Ren and Stimpy stare at 2 kids at home watching the show. It's Blibby and Blabby.
Stimpy points to them to prove to Ren that those are really their names.
Blibby and Blabby reach out to Stimpy's to touch the famous finger.
Ren is flabbergasted that such names exist.
He gives in and tells Stimpy to go ahead and say hi to some more crazy named kids.
Stimpy greets Yorbert and Plampadoodle, 2 of their biggest fans.
Ren tries coming up with weird names but can only think of names of famous ancient Greeks.
Stimpy approves! Ren's head drops to the floor with a clunk. He is defeated.
Oh and there are some new doodles here: