Friday, June 12, 2020

Drawing Rut so Coloring Instead

My drawings lately lack inspiration so I thought I'd take some old marker sketches and color them for a change of pace. Here's one in progress:

Just to prove my drawing is rusty here are some of the current crop of crap:
I've been watching a lot of nature shows and freeze framing them to study some animals more closely to see if I can learn something new to inspire me.
Drawing realistically doesn't come easy to me. I get lost in the details and struggle with anatomical structure. The Lord sure made life complicated for cartoonists.
 Hey did you ever see a "southern streaked tenrec"? I just found out about them the other day on a show about Madagascar.
Even my caricatures are rusty. These 2 are in my George Woodbridge style.
 Here's some lady from a commercial. She doesn't really have a neck this long but she had interesting hair.
I think this one of a news reporter turned out a little better.
ren and Stimpy original -9-x-12-in-color