Sunday, June 14, 2020

Fan Mail 2 - Protect Your toy and Art Collection

Irony of Ironies.
Fan Mail 1 Post
The very day I asked folks to please not send their valuables to me personally in the mail someone mailed me these.

And a request for a free custom drawing on fancy-ass canvas (which dealers like to ask for so they can resell it).

At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon (which I sort of am) I'd just like to remind everyone that I have created many collectible things that I will cheerily sign for you that can be found at my little store.
John K Store
The management of the store and my social media is done by my very capable assistant who will see that you receive anything you order and have me sign it for you.

There is lots of original art there for you too:
Get an Original Drawing

Please don't send me your valuable collectibles

If you send anything you obtained somewhere else please don't risk losing it by sending it to me personally. I am too ADHDed to keep track of it and you may not get it back.

Believe me, I love my  fans and will really be thrilled to help you add to your cartoon art and toy collections. That's why I hired somebody just to see that it all gets to anyone who wants it.

I also have seen toys and art I have signed for people I thought were fans turn out to be dealers who then sell the stuff on ebay or at conventions  for outrageous prices.

Being A Collector Myself I Understand Genuine Nostalgia

That's why I keep my prices reasonable and offer them to the fans who - like me, aren't rich and just like to have nice keepsakes and collectibles to decorate their house with.

Here are a few of mine:

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.