Tuesday, October 17, 2006

50s-60s forms-fun toys, off model and wrong colors

Jessica Borutski just contributed this beautiful Jinks the Cat with black fur!

A major trend in character toys in the 60s was to make famous cartoon personalities that every kid knew exactly what they were supposed to look like in the wrong colors.This is a good thing. It helps kids' brains grow and gives them the idea that it's ok to be open to weirdness and fun.

Knickerbocker toys went further than anyone in the department of making the toy characters look different than the cartoon versions. Not only did they use the wrong colors, they sculpted the characters way off model and added lots of details that weren't in the cartoon designs.
Here Yogi has a flesh colored face and a yellow shirt with a red tie. Good.
Here's Yogi's delightful little underage green martian friend, Boo Boo.
Blabber, a grey mouse in the cartoon of course has to be purple as a toy. I love the attention to airbrushing and whisker stubble!
The highly detailed pie cut eyes and iris' really do it for me.
Whoa! 2 versions of Pixie and Dixie. The one on the left is Knickerbocker and is waaay off model and stubby. The one in the middle with the cheese I think is Mexican. It is only slightly off model but beautifully sculpted and completely the wrong colors. The mouse on the right is not from a cartoon, but she's hot and I figured the boys were lonely so I gave the 3 of them a wife which is legal in cartoons.
70s Yogis that by some weird fluke happen to be funny. And a killer alien Bugs Bunny!

Fred coming out of a bag with tiny down syndrome eyes, and his friends.