Tuesday, October 17, 2006

why rock stars should be animation executives

When I do work on music videos, whether for Bjork, Weird Al or Tenacious D, the creative process is always super simple. They give me a song and I do some sketches of ideas I have to illustrate it, they say "do it". Then we go ahead and make it as good and fun as we can and no one stops us every two seconds to throw monkey wrenches in the works and force us to make everything ugly, stupid and depressing.I sent the intial sketches I did on napkins for this video a couple months ago to Jack and he sent me his network note: "Awesome, Dude."
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If I sent a one page outline of a story idea to a network executive, I'd get back 10 pages of retarded notes telling me to ruin every creative thought and make all the drawings bland and ugly and make the story not make any sense.
Kyle's only note for the video was "make me sexy" which was a completely reasonable request and easy to fulfill.
Rock Stars seem to understand that creative stuff is a treat and you should leave creative people alone to make their ice cream. Executives want to mix in poo and cigarette butts with your ice cream.
So if you ever see Jack or any other rock stars who like funny cartoons, give them a big sloppy kiss (or give 'em your sister).

And who absolutely shouldn't be animation executives?

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