Friday, October 27, 2006

Color Theory - steal from anime if you can't think of anything yourself

Like Eddie says, this is a cultural crisis! The Japanese are beating the crap out of us at our own game!

Look what a wonderful variety of color styles the Japanese cartoonists come up with just as a matter of course!

Color seems to be the thing that anime does best.

It's a tad bit on the cold side for me, but then the Japanese are a cold race.
We westerners on the other hand are naturally emotional and warm and inventive, yet our stupid-ass corporate franchise controlled society is stopping us from what we could easily do-beat the crap out of cold cultures that are still imitating what we did from the 1930s to the 1950s!

This stuff makes me crazy!

So much fun and eye candy. Every mood imaginable.
If you are a painter and are stuck for color ideas, just steal a pile of these!
After copying these color schemes, you might be able to see the general concepts behind them and start to create your own schemes.

But there is no excuse for bad color in America anymore. The internet is a vast library of ideas.

All I did was type "anime" then "FlCl" in "the Google" and a wealth of genius color ideas came up.

You can do it too! Look up anime, fashion magazines, nature photography-anything but modern American cartoons to break your habit of only using 3 approved cartoon color schemes.

With all the easily accessible inspiration available today, why the Hell is there still shit like this?
Thank God our pals the Japs are keeping visual pleasure alive. Let's pay attention!

This last one isn't too impressive color wise but it just goes to show you how Japanese artists know what the public wants and are not stingy at giving it to us whereas stupid evil conservative modern Americans refuse to give humans natural things that humans like.