Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Become a Real Man For Christmas at John K's Amazon Store!


John K's Amazon Store! - CLICK ME!

Kirk Douglas can teach you or your wimpy emo cartoonist boyfriend to be a real man.

If you buy Detective Story you will learn everything there is to know about what it is to be a man. Kirk shows you all the opposing forces in every man that pull, tug and tear us apart.

Men keep their ugliest emotions all wrapped up inside. The longer we repress them, the more they boil and try to burst out of our skin. When they finally do explode we say and do the ugliest meanest things. BUT a REAL man knows he did a bad thing when he does and he then experiences the manliest emotion of all....REMORSE.

Nobody has better remorse than Kirk.

Fellas, do something real rotten then experience the bliss of utter, sheer gut poisoning remorse. It's the purest most beautiful emotion we men have!

My main man Marc has started an Amazon store for you where I select all my favorite movies and sort them by type and actor.

The first genre is manly movies. The manliest actors are Kirk Douglas, Robert Ryan, Robert Mitchum and Burl Ives. (And my Dad. But he's not acting. He can kick your guts out with his remorse.)

You will see in the store that I picked the best of their movies. When you watch them you will not only feel the irresistible urge to get manlier yourself, you will also see the inspirations of many of my rawest most emotional cartoons.

Make someone manly this Christmas! Let's all have an aggravated, rugged and repressed Yuletide!

John K's Amazon Store! - CLICK ME!