Monday, December 11, 2006

Direct Sponsorship 2

So after Ren and Stimpy was done, I turned to the Internet and developed a new medium-the Flash cartoon. I made the first Flash cartoons, put them online and experimented with my dream of direct sponsorship. I did some free commercials for Tower Records.

George Liquor pitches Tower

1998 was a little too early for anyone in business to understand how effective this advertising model could be with the internet. Everyone was convinced that only TV could sell products-even as the TV ratings were steadily going down every year as everyone was spending more time online.

Now thanks to Tivo and satellite TV, no one watches commercials at all anymore. They just fast forward through them.

Let's face it here's advertising's biggest problem- PEOPLE HATE COMMERCIALS.


No one fast forwards through my commercials.

I made these Old Navy Spots a few years ago and Old Navy's sales shot up 500% right after they aired and for quite a time following.

Kids wrote me asking "Where is the rest of the cartoon?" They thought these ads were part of a whole show and were sad that there wasn't a show attached.
So I came up with one:

This show is itching to be sponsored online or as direct to DVD. I own these characters and can have them sell any kind of kid products and no one will be mad. I will make the commercials as fun as the show and completely make your product look spectacular! This is an idea that I have been promoting for over a decade now, and I think the world is finally catching up to me.

Raketu is the first company to try it and you can see the animated banner I did to the right of of the blog.

I'm in New York this week with FM, and meeting with Raketu to talk about what else we can do for their product and the fans using my cartoons. I'm also seeing some ad agencies, so I want all of you fans out there to comment and tell these smart business folks that you are dying to see some cartoons from me and you will watch all the commercials and click the links and decide whether you want to buy their products.

This advertising/entertainment worked for 30s radio and early TV. Let's go back to it, only on the web where people spend so much time.

TV is dying, let's finish them off and give the audience and the sponsors what they want at the same time-at a fraction of the cost of doing television.