Thursday, December 28, 2006

Raketu Web Page Design and Cartoon Action

So the Raketu ad I did worked out pretty well...well enough that they asked me to design their web page in a similar vein and animate some cartoons. Here's some of my thumbnail boards for it.I met with Greg Parker, the genius rocket scientist who created Raketu and did the programming and he gave me a live demo to show me what Raketu was and what it could do.

His iconoclastic headstrong Irish marketing rebel, Oliver McIntyre and I got together to cook up swell new ways to advertise the product that will be entertaining even while it explains why your world will be much simpler by using Raketu.

Greg's partner, Martina is from a Slavic nation (like me!) and she told me about a really funny cartoon series about a wolf who chain smokes and is creative, who chases a sissy bunny and tries to murder him.,_pogodi!

My problem is how to sell a product that does so many things. It seems to coordinate all the activities you do on the internet into one window and program. That's hard to say in an ad! People want to know simple and clear specifics, so we decided to break up the Raketu application into broad main categories.


The most obvious thing it does is save tons of money in phone bills. For $9.95-as a one time payment, you get to start a Raketu account and then you get to call national and international for nothing in 42 countries. The countries that aren't free are still waay cheaper than any phone company or other VOIP service. So if you get Raketu for nothing else, you will see your phone bills dwindle to just what you pay for your monthly internet bill or your cell phone minimum minutes payment.

These are some of the storyboard sketches I did for a cartoon which brings old George Liquor into the world of the future and saves him a shitload of cash (which is the only way to get him to soften his distrust of anything new!)

You have to get a phone or headphones with microphone to hook up to your computer, then you call thousands of miles away and talk as long as you like.

Raketu is mainly for PC users, not Mac yet and it simplifies your nasty windows within windows torture.

Some other key selling points:


If you have AIM, then you can't talk to your friends who have MSN or Yahoo, etc. Not without downloading each service and leaving all these windows open at the same time. SCREW THAT! Raketu lets you talk to anyone on any instant message service all at the same time. You just tell Raketu which services you want to be active.


Podcasting, multimedia, games, entertainment and more stuff can all be done. To be honest, I haven't used many of these services anyway, but if you do, then you can be useful to the whole world.

So listen. Do me a favor and help me do my job here and you will see more cartoons fast-by the end of January!

If you have a PC (which I don't) download Raketu and sign up (don't even pay the 10 bucks yet if you don't need the phone stuff right away, just use all the free stuff) and then post comments telling me what you like best.

I'm gonna put cartoons up on the Raketu that advertise each of these aspects of Raketu so now's your chance to feed me some input!

I'm counting on you to help me get you the cartoons you want....


Peggy said...

Hey, kick ass! I'm glad to see you getting somewhere with the advertainment webtoons.

Me, I use a Mac, and I avoid the phone whenever possible, so I won't be downloading Raketu.

ZEE said...

I am SO glad to hear you'll be helping the Raketu folks out with their website. Your ad was cute and appealing enough that I clicked through to see what it was selling (something I basically never do), only to find a website so dry, uninformative, and visually blah that I sailed on outta there within ten seconds and haven't been back.

It sounds like an interesting concept, but one that does not easily lend itself to a summation that even ADD-addled dummies like myself can quickly grasp.

If I can get out from under my mountainous to-do pile in the next couple of days, I'll see if I can formulate some more-relevant insights. I love solving this sort of problem. Good luck widdit.

Anonymous said...

Oh god! I remember watching those Russian cartoons YEARS ago, when there was nothing else on... they were funny but in a very odd way.

The Kricfalusi family is originally from the Ukraine, right?

Anonymous said...

george's sliding head is effing great! good stuff man!

Anonymous said...

Hi, J.K. I'm chilean and I like your work very much...
please, you visit
and write your opinion about my draws...
(me cuesta mucho escribir el inglés, así que termino ahora el español).

Charlie J. said...

hey, is that Billy Bigloaf on the first page?

great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures, but why don't you use good, actual paper for your sketches instead of that lined shit. An international renowned must be able to afford actual paper.

JohnK said...

>>but why don't you use good, actual paper for your sketches instead of that lined shit.<<

Ha ha. Good question!

I use crappy paper and ball point pens on purpose. It makes me feel like I'm not actually working, so I'm real loose when I'm thinking up ideas. If I worry too much about the finished look while I think, then the drawings come out stiff.

I need to draw fast and on paper that is no good so I don't feel guilty if I waste any.

I have to psychologically trick myself.

Kitty said...

I have it and enjoying NOT having to have multiple windows open. ^^

scottdiggs said...

Those Nu Pugodi cartoons are great. I have a disc of a bunch of them stashed around here somewheres...there's a lot of cool scenarios in there. I always thought the Hare was a girl, what with the eyelashes and skirt and all, so I thought it particularly funny in one episode in which the Wolf and the Hare are depicted in their old age, both of them with long flowing beards. Now I gotta find my disc...

Sean Worsham said...

Whoa, you too? Awesome!!! Do you ever sometimes find your roughs looking better than the finished clean up art sometimes though? Sometimes I like taking my roughs and getting rid of the paper lines and using that as the finished piece as I think my roughs a lot of times have more life flowing from them than what my clean-ups end up looking.

>I use crappy paper and ball point >pens on purpose. It makes me feel >like I'm not actually working, so >I'm real loose when I'm thinking up >ideas. If I worry too much about >the finished look while I think, >then the drawings come out stiff.

>I need to draw fast and on paper >that is no good so I don't feel >guilty if I waste any.

I have to psychologically trick myself.

ZEE said...

There is something wonderful about drawing on crappy paper. Most of my best stuff has been drawn on crappy paper.

This blog is inspiring me to do real art again. Bravo, mister.

Aggie said...

I'm looking through the Raketu stuff.. there's this Conference call option that looks useful for talking to more than one person. It also gives you access to Podcasts, Media Player, and Games!

ZEE said...

There is something about crappy paper that I love.
All of my best drawings are on crappy paper.

I bet most of y'alls are on crappy paper too. If there's one thing John has taught me, it's to draw fast loose and free!

This is gonna be interesting!

WIL said...

That "Super Geek Gamer" looks familiar...

Anonymous said...

Raketu's feature set is great, but its user interface isn't very user friendly.

I see myself as a technical savvy person, but it was even daunting to me getting it to work.

Please convince them to overhaul the interface to the concept of "Less is more!".