Monday, March 06, 2006

Calling All Girls-More Heartaches

Hi Girls! Here's a preview of some more characters from the Heartaches cartoon in development. Let me know if you want to read more stories!!

This is Debbie Doublebubble. She is the Heartaches' road manager and protector. She kicks ass-especially the asses of boys who are mean and immature-which is all of them!
(Character design by Gabe Swarr!)

Here is Roxy's neighbor, Mr. Crusty. He hates loud rock music so whenever Roxy's band is playing in the garage, he turns up all his laid-back 70s records real loud to drown out the evil rock music. He loves any music sung by people named Neil: Neil Diamond, Neil Young and Neil Sedaka.
(Character design by Gabe Swarr!)

This is Mr. Crusty's pet, Crabby the Duck. He is a duck curmudgeon. He doesn't like other pets, especially Roxy's cat, Maynard. He is always challenging Maynard to no-holds-barred fisticuffs on Mr. Crusty's lawn. Maynard is terrified of this foul-billed bully.
All the bugs on the lawn love to watch the fur and feathers fly.

Here's Eric the DJ. He feels he is a soul mate to the girls in the Heartaches' band, because he has a talent too.
The girls' talent is to make records. Eric's talent is to take the records and scratch them up, which drives Roxy crazy. Eric is always taking her classic rock albums and scratching the living crap out of them.
He has other talents too, like kicking the toaster, pulling the tape out of videocasettes and eating crayons then shooting the mashed bits from his nose onto wax paper.
The girls make fun of his talents and he can't figure out why because he has seen Eminem get rich on even less ability. He is envious of the one amazing talent that Eminem has: The ability to catch his pants just at the moment they are about to fall off.
(Character design by Gabe Swarr!)

Darla Dumbell has failed 3 years in a row. She's in Roxy's class and is 3 years ahead in physical development from the other girls. She is the bad girl of the class and all the boys love her but she only dates boys from reform school.
She gets expelled all the time.
Bad bad bad.
(Character design by Gabe Swarr!)

Tammy Training Bra is training under Darla to be bad. She's not really stupid enough to be bad but tries real hard.
Darla is embarrassed to be seen with her but happily takes her money and makes her do her homework and stuff.

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