Sunday, February 11, 2007

BGs and Style - Part 8 - Form in Clouds

When we did the Ripping Friends, the service studios would throw out all our drawings and "correct" them. Like when we drew clouds in the sky, they knew that was wrong so they erased our clouds and replaced them with poo trails, because poo looks much better in a sky than clouds. See the poopoo at the top of this page and I'm sure you'll agree.

So then I had to put drawings of clouds together into a BG manual-including Jim Smith layouts that they had thrown away.

I eventually showed up at the studios and caught them red-handed throwing our drawings away, laughing hysterically as they smeared our skies with poo.

I told them to go outside once in a while to see what things like clouds looked like and then to draw cartooned versions of them into the cartoons. They rolled their eyes knowingly, because of how utterly foolish my suggestions were.

"Of course we know how to draw everything already! We learned how things look at Nelvana!"