Saturday, February 17, 2007

Animation School- Kali is a Good Girl

This is Kali
she is a cartoon student. She does what's right.

She copies artists she likes to find out what techniques they do and how they do them.
And she studies more than just one style, because only copying one style is a sin.

I gave her some paints because I saw her marker pictures and thought to myself "Hmm, I bet she'd be a good painter."

So she took the paints and went right to it like a jackrabbit chasing a doodlebug in fairy shooting season.

First she did some Mel Crawford studies. Very cartoony stuff.

Then she copied a Rojankovsky baboon, that is in a different, more elaborate, hairier style.
Look how great it is! I can't stop staring at this monkey.
If she keeps at this, she will surely be a star and develop her own style one day.

If you are an eager young student of cartoons, do like Kali does. Copy and absorb.Learn real things from the pros first then later worry about your own style. Here's hers so far.
I bet you can't tell a girl did it. Hwa hwa!

Charles Dickens described Eddie to Kali and she channeled Rojankovsy to help her paint the perfect cartoonist. Grow up and be him one day.

If you wanna learn fast, be a good girl like Kali and copy the masters!
And don't forget your Preston Blair lessons!