Monday, February 12, 2007

Rojankovsky-drawing skill plus design and fun

Wow! Look how well people could draw and paint a mere half a century ago!
Rojankovsky's art is not only good anatomy and perspective; each drawing here is a graphic design.
The complex compositions not only each work as a single strong statement, each component part is a graphic design in itself that neatly fits into the larger scheme. Amazing.
I sure envy the drawing skills people used to have. They must have had killer art schools back then.

Imagine what you could do with your cartoons if you had this much technical skill. You'd be able to make a million creative choices, rather than having to be tied down to what your pencil will allow.

Rojankovsky can not only do realistic animals and backgrounds, he can do simpler cartoonier graphics that still show his deep knowledge of fundamentals.This house is a unique but organic shape and form made up of lots of smaller, equally interesting and fun forms.

These birds are painted with almost flat color, yet you can still completely feel their anatomy, from the artist's careful well studied silhouettes.
To think that all this work, study and talent went into mere kids' books! What a time that was.