Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gary Owens- Roger Ramjet - Lance Crossfire, Ms. Lottalove -

Gary Owens made a career of being a funny straight man. His voice is straight, yet with a great natural timing and a kindly sarcasm. And an amazing tone and warmth.

It's such a unique character!
I talked to Gary the other day and he is going to do a voice on a commercial I'm animating right now. We're also going to hang out in the next couple weeks and he asked if I'd mind if he brought Jonathan Winters along! Holy crap. How cool is that?

When I was a kid, I had all of Jonathan's records and I'd memorize them and act them out for my Italian bully friends...after they finished crushing my cartilaginous bones and stomping me with their pointy shoes.

Gary is one of the greats and I think he knew everyone cool from the 60s. He's from the generation when fantastic skill and professionalism was taken for granted.

Whoever did the sfx for Ramjet was funny too. What a killer team-the Monty Python of cartoon troupes.

CRASH effects:

Funny cutting of course.
The close-ups:

Gary told me who did Lance Crossfire's voice and now I forget who the actor is (Jim Thurman?)...It's an impression of Burt Lancaster, though, and a great one!

Here's a funny animation idea.
side-of-the-mouth lips synch:

Gary was the easiest actor I ever worked with, He instantly got every joke and added some of his own. (The letter 'M'...the Three Stooges gag and more...)

Here he is as Powdered Toastman. By the way, anyone know what famous actor played the President?

Movie Clip: