Friday, June 22, 2007

Hubley Commercial: Salt and Hawkins? Scribner?

Part 1

Here is an unbelievably cool commercial for something nearly as important in our lives as cigarette foil. Salt!

This commercial has everything you could want in an animated spot.

Great design, funny and inventive animation and really creative special effects.

Part 2

I'm not 100% sure, but my guess is this is Scribner too. It could be Emery Hawkins as I think Michael Sporn has suggested. Amid says it's Scribner. Anyone know how to tell for sure?
An animator who really observes life in its unfettered reality has a way of making every character have a little bit of retardation in him. Even cute characters have some primitive animal needs and this is always reflected in good animation.
Look at the animal pleasure of this child as he gobbles up and contemplates the succulent flavor of his salt sandwich.

A bit of evil retardation is good too.
The timing of all this animation is great. Lots of contrasts.
Funny walk. Of course it's not as brilliant as Gerald's little hop, but I like it.

Look how great these poses are! The kid pops from pose to pose with one smeared inbetween each time.
Even the inbetweens have design and fun.
These drawings are an absolutely perfect blend of classic principles and modernist style.

The kids' pose to pose "limited" animation contrasts against the bird's really fluid full animation. I love the stuff when the bird bounces up and down on his head. Scroll through it in slow motion!

This is great stuff to copy if you are teaching yourself to animate....JoJo!

Get a load of these beautiful special effects! I'll take this over Disney's "realistic" water and rain any day. This could only happen in a cartoon.

OK, kids, everybody pour a whole carton of salt on your head!
How great is this?!


Makes me want to roll up a spoonful of weather proof salt in cigarette foil and chew it to bits in a hurricane.

What do you think?